FRCTop25 Popularity Poll for Charity! Vote, Troll & Win!

FUN is opening up our 2nd annual FRC Top 25 Popularity Poll for Charity! The poll is open through 8pm US Eastern on Saturday!

Vote here: YOU CAN VOTE FOR ANY TEAM! Your own team, a team that doesn’t exist anymore, we don’t care. Rig the voting and get everyone you know to cast their vote. Trolls: This is your time to shine! Why are we doing this? Why not, we all know you think the FRC Top 25 is a popularity contest anyways :stuck_out_tongue: We’ll run down the FRC Top 25 on Monday starting at 8:30pm US Eastern.

Every qualified entry we receive we will make a donation to the FIRST in Texas Harvey Fund. We will also be collecting donations on and off stream and provide some sweet prizes if we meet thresholds!

Donate here: All donations through the end of the show will go towards the fund and also to the donation goals for prizes!

Watch live:

SUB BONUS! If you are a subriber to FUN on Twitch and your team makes it into the FRC Top 25 we will ask if you would like to call into the show via discord to talk about your team. Anyone can join our discord:

Want to further influence the poll? Post here and get others to vote for who you think should make it.

We are also looking for a couple teams who would be willing to donate a new t-shirt or other iteam for prizes to the poll. Please PM me if you are interested and your team will get a shout out on the show.

What constitutes a “legit entry” - when in the next paragraph it appears you solicit non-legit entries?

Good question. We have this stated on the poll:

Duplicate teams and copied entries will result in your poll being disqualified from voting and not counting toward the donation. Make your own educated decisions. You must vote for at least 15 teams.

Example: You can only vote for FRC3487 once in the poll. By coincidence somebody just put their team number in for every entry which results in their entry being deleted when we run it through our calculator.

I also changed legit to qualified.

Okay, I’ll bite.

Team 4159 CardinalBotics is really hoping to get mentioned on the show - vote for us and we’ll put some swag up for giveaways! (Assuming we make it into the top 25…)

I advocate for mass confusion: 3476, 3647, 3764, 3746, and Spartan Robotics (971 997 1340 3062 5288 5724).

I think we should make the announcers really work at this. The rule is that you cannot use team numbers to reference teams, you must only use their complete nicknames, and I advocate for these teams:

number	placing	nickname
5459	1	Ipswich TIGERS (Technologically Inclined Group of Engineering Robotics Students)
6301	2	Nerointellect-sim Engineering & Robot Design Soiree   N.E.R.D.S.
1847	3	W.R.A.T.H (Wyandotte Robotics and Technology Hackers)
1726	T4	N.E.R.D.S. (Nifty Engineering Robotics Design Squad)
5900	T4	Career Blazer Robotics Team - The Fighting Mongooses
3130	6	The East Ridge Robotic Ominous RaptorS - the ERRORS
2883	T7	F.R.E.D (Fighting Rednecks Engineering and Design)
4469	T7	R.A.I.D. (Raider Artificial Intelligence DIvision)
5450	T9	St. Helens Robotics and Engineering Club (SHREC)
6617	T9	Bellinghan High School Black Hawks Robotics Club
6387	11	Discobots Canada (Brampton Robotics Education)
3136	T12	Official Robot Constructors of America (ORCA)
6451	T12	Whiteland Community High School Robotics Team
6703	14	Prince George Secondary School Robotics Club
1280	T15	Ragin' C- Biscuits of San Ramon Valley High
3160	T15	FROG:  FIRST Robotics Organization of Grove
6183	T15	RIGS - Robotics Inspired Greenland Students
2181	T18	G.E.A.R.s (Great Engineers Awesome Robots)
4356	T18	CIA Robotics Presents - BIG Furious George
6062	T18	WHAM (Willyama High Advanced Mechatronics)
3930	T21	SMART  Spruce Mountain Area Robotics Team
6657	T21	University Prep High School Robotics Team
1322	T23	Genesee Robotics Area Youth Team (GRAYT)
4119	T23	AERO (Avon Eagles Robotics Organization)
6070	T23	Pratt & Whitney Canada : Gryphon Machine
6688	T23	West Valley Middle College Robotics Team

Okay, I know I put 6301 down as second, but they probably have my favorite name on this list. I just love the idea of a robotics team being described as a soiree, and not just any soiree, but a Nerointellect-sim Engineering & Robot Design Soiree.

Can we also get 2220, 2202, and 2022 in on this?

You asked for trolling… you got it.

It’s more fun when you realize the the survey is set up for numbers only and some teams have in fact had more than one number in their history, legitly.

And don’t forget 3467

Thank you everyone for voting for the FRCTop25 Popularity poll for charity.

We received 200 votes and 797 unique teams (or numbers?) voted for.

**We have some sweet prizes to give away on Monday including:

FRC323 Lights out shirt
FRC4159 Cardinal Botics Hat
Word Play All Day Stickers and…
Custom Drawing of whatever you want that will be drawn live on the next Recap Show and then sent to you!**

Along with the FRCTop25 we will have Collin Fultz from FRC234 and FIRST on to talk about their motor test report.

Come watch the stream starting at 8:30pm Eastern on Monday at

**How to win a prize: ** Every $.50 worth of a donation will get you a ticket for the drawing for a prize. When we reach a threshold for a prize, everyone who has donated at any time will be in the running to win. For those familiar, we will be utilizing the streamboss for this. Defeat all the HP and we do the drawing.

You can utilize the following ways to donate at anytime (even now):
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Nice. Welcome to the team Collin!

He can move to CA, but he has to leave my grandsons here in Indy.


Here are the prizes for those who donate to the FRCTop25 Charity Poll! The stream starts at 8:30pm Eastern at

When we reach x in cumulative donations starting the beginning of the stream the following will be given away to a donor. Each $.50 worth provides you a virtual ticket (a sub is worth 10 tickets). You do not need to be present to win.

Donation Thresholds to unlock a giveaway:

$10 (1000 HP gone): Word Play All Day Merit Badge Stickers
$25 (2500 HP gone) FRC4159 Cardinal Botics Hat
**$40 ** (4000 hp gone)FRC323 Lights out shirt
$55 (5500 HP gone) FRC1011 Crush Shirt
$75 (7500 HP gone) Word Play All Day Custom Drawing that will be drawn live on the next Recap Show!
$100 (FUN Bot is defeated) We’ll do a FRC Horror Stories Candidly Speaking Special - Suggested from CalTran
Bonus: If we reach $500 We’ll do a severely crazy FRC History show. - Suggested by many

Donate at anytime (even now):
Donate $:
Donate Bits: 1 bit = $.01 This is on the stream.

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