FRCTop25 Results - Week 2 - YouTube Archives



Thanks to everyone who was able to tune in live for both our Roasts and Robots show about mentor and student balance on teams and the Week 2 FRCTop25!

Archives are up on YouTube:

Student and Mentor Balance on FRC Teams FUN Roasts and Robots Ep 8
Week 2 FRC Clips of the Week 2019
2019 FRCTop25 Week 2 Ranks 25-16
2019 FRCTop25 Week 2 Ranks 15-11
2019 FRCTop25 Week 2 Ranks 10-6 and Snub of the Week
2019 FRCTop25 Week 2 Ranks 5-1

Week 2 FRCTop25(40) 2019

|FRCTop25 Rank|Team|ELO Rank|Region|

If you want to know where you team landed outside the Top 40 either post here or PM me.


Interested in 2338 and 5934’s spots, if you have them.


I am interested in 4293’s position. Thanks!


FRC2338 - T64
FRC5934 - 84th
FRC4293 - T289


Curious about 2062


curious about 1676 's position


How about 7671?


What about 135. Also out of how many teams is this list based on?


Interested in Team 74, and thank you for doing all this work as always!


I’d like to know where 5883 and 125 ended up.


A little biased here, but I’m wondering about 4028


Im curious to see where 5572 ended up


Is there a particular reason why you guys don’t put up a list of all the rankings somewhere on GSheets, etc?


FRC2062 T150
FRC1676 59th
FRC7671 45th
FRC135 T296
FRC74 T306
FRC5883 161st
FRC125 47th
FRC4028 46th
FRC5572 T556

602 teams received votes week 2.

To answer @ReverseEnigma’s question. This is something that comes up every year and to preface we do not plan to change. A few reasons include:

People trying to rig the poll more than what they already attempt to
We do have errors from time to time that our system does not catch and I really don’t want to manually audit 600+ teams
I don’t mind responding and will take the time to do so
Some teams prefer to pm me instead and I do not mind taking the time to do so


How did 7893 do?


FRC7893 62nd


Where did 5511 end up?


FRC5511 - T48th.


Where did 217 end up?


FRC217 42nd.