FRCTop25 Week 1 Poll Open. Closes 3/5 7:00pm Eastern

The Week 1 FRC Top 25 community poll is now open.

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If 4539 and 5172 don’t make the list then I’ve lost faith in the FRC community.

On the other hand, 2 rookies 7179 and 7048 deserve some votes!

For PNW, i’d be looking into 2046, 2147, 2910, 4513, and 5803. All of them have really nice and solid robots that I think will be some of PNW’s top bots as the season goes on.

Id also throw in 753, one look at their bot and you will understand. #TeamRake

I’d show some love for 2811, they did great at Clackamas. Made the finals very competitive. 4911 had a good bot as well, they just got knocked out early at Mt. Vernon.

For Central New York, you could be looking at 340, 27, 5254, 694, and 319. All played very well in this highly competitive event.

I’m gonna have to rep my heroes from Ohio: The Beak Squad.

The Beak Squad, in my opinion, is a team that consistently rides the line between what I would say is “good” and what we might call a “powerhouse”.

In previous years they have performed well, always a “dark horse” on the field, but after their performance at MVR I don’t think I speak alone when I say they might finally be close to earning themselves a seat with the big boys.

An extremely solid 2 cube auto, efficient climb, and buttery smooth elevator caught my attention early on at MVR. Throughout the eliminations they continued to impress me, practically carrying the second seeded alliance all the way to the finals.

If 4028 can clean up their intake a bit they will be an easy first pick at whatever division they wind up in. I look forward to every single match they are going to play in this season.

This is my favorite match of the entire regional. The Squad admittedly didn’t perform this well consistently, but those issues were mostly centered around their intake, which I hope to see improved by the world championships.

Definitely agree with you. I noticed them last year at Greater Pittsburgh Regional, where they had a very solid robot with a good pickup mechanism for gears and a consistent shooter. This year they have an amazing scale bot, which, unlike most others (including 148), doesn’t try to tip over every time it accelerates. Very excited to see them at Pittsburgh this year.

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1918 for triple climb during qualification matches. They were #1 Team Captain and also winning alliance.

4028 was the team that scared me the most at MVR. The intake did seem iffy at times but if they get that running smooth they will definitely make a big impact at champs.

Also vouching for 7179. If you didn’t see them, go back and watch videos. Their drivers were some of the most skilled I have seen in a while.

I’d post a top 25 Elo as a reference point, but like 1/3 of the events are missing match data…

I’m also jumping on the 7179 bandwagon. A nice simple bot, but their driver was doing a bang up job of scoring points and also holding the likes of 148 at bay at times.

Oh shush 2791 blew us all out of the water

From Quebec, 3990 was just incredible. Their swerve is gorgeous!!
In addition, need to mention 3360 and 5528. Both were solid all weekend.

Also need to mention the international visitors, 359 and 1772!

imagine not ranking shaker number 1 and shaker’s ramps number 1++

Here is a list of the teams that impressed me this weekend. (This is strictly based on the 2 Ontario week one events that took place).

610: After watching 610s reveal video, I had doubts on using a shooter to get cubes on the scale. My concerns were that you cannot be as accurate if you are shooting the cube, in comparison to precisely placing it. Watching them at the Durham event, I was truly amazed by their capability’s and how fast they are able to take ownership of the scale. Regarding accuracy, it was just as accurate if not more accurate in comparison to the teams that placed the cubes. Even if they missed their shot, they were able to grab a cube back up faster than teams who dropped the cube with an elevator or arm. The other thing that made 610 stand out to me, was how fast they were able to place 9 cubes in the vault. Lining up and shooting the cube into the exchange looked extremely easy for them, as they were getting them in from a foot away.

4476: Waffles did extremely well at their week one event and were able to not only win the event with 610, but also took home the chairman’s award. One thing I noticed was that teams didn’t know what to do with the cubes throughout the match, and focused on a single task while they could have used their match time on something that needed more attention. Waffles was not one of these teams. They were extremely quick on their feet, and knew exactly what to do after every move, and what to do in case their plan did not go accordingly.

2609: This was a team who had a simple strategy, and executed it extremely well. They took ownership of both switches, and wrecked havoc on their vault with their amazing three cube auto (1 in the switch and 2 in the vault). This team was 118s every bot on steroids while still managing to have their own creative design.

Teams that I was impressed by but did not watch enough to make notes of: 1360, 1325, 1305, 4039.

Lastly, I would like to state my thoughts on what lead to a successful robot.

-Auto: scale auto was critical for the playoff match’s. By placing a cube on the scale before the other alliance, you were at a tremendous advantage due to the fact that the other alliance was always a cube behind, and really had to hustle to out scale. In addition completing the auto quest was extremely important for teams who seeded high, due to the fact that there was minimal end game RP earned.

-Know what to do with your cubes: I saw a lot of teams that were just sitting there cause they didn’t know what to do if plans didn’t go accordingly, or they kept focusing on a single task which eventually became redundant. I suggest before every match, look at the other alliance and determine how many cubes you should place in the scale/ switch, to make it hard for the other alliance to score points, while using the minimal amount of cubes necessary. Not only will you be saving cubes, but you will also be saving your precious time that can be used on something else. For example, if you were facing an alliance that only had one mediocre scale bot, is putting 7 cubes on the scale really necessary or can your cubes/ time be used somewhere else like on the vault or either of the switch’s.

-Climbing: Throughout the playoff match’s, completing the end game became a lot more important. Although the extra ranking point would have been nice to have during qualifiers, it was a lot harder to accomplish (if you were lifting yourself and another team). Having a buddy bar was a lot more successful, and ended with a lot less robots on their side. The ranking point and the extra points per climb are nice during qualifiers but I saw very few successful ones, however I do expect it to become a lot more frequent in weeks to come.

These are my thoughts on the Ontario week one events that I saw. Love to hear what you guys learned.

Paulius Pace
Team 3161

A fantastic team that would be easy to miss is 2910 Jack in the bot.

Please watch this match and vote for them.

One the top performances in the world this weekend if you ask me.

I was confused for a second because this is the wrong robotics competition for that ( and now I want to know where that intake idea came from.

We’re getting close to 200 votes already. You have until 7pm ET to get your votes in!

I can’t wait to hear who quits FIRST because: “XYZ team was great but not on the list oh and I didn’t tell others to vote for them but I am still going to complain”.

Vote and tell others to at:

For Granite State District I am advocating for 238, 5687, and 1058. All three have beautiful machines that were extremely well driven and 238 especially had a great auto.

To be that guy I’m going to throw in my own team if we were voting on pure switch/vault robots considering we were 12th by OPR and the top vault scorer :smiley: