FRCTop25 Week 2 Poll Open. Closes 3/12 7:00pm Eastern

The Week 2 FRC Top 25 community poll is now open.

Voting is here:

Poll closes at 7:00pm Eastern on Monday

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Post below if you want to make your pitch for a team that should be in the FRC Top 25.

Note: ISR District Event #1 and Istanbul are available for week 2 voting. ISR District Event #3, Southern Cross Regional, and Canadian Pacific Regional will be eligible for week 3 voting.

Since there is no video of Lake Superior on TBA yet here is one of the few videos I have of 4607.

Also 4539 from Lake Superior is a top 5 robot in the world.

I’m predicting 5 teams from AZ North make into the Top 25.

I will be thoroughly disappointed if 1538 isn’t in the top 3.

+1 to this. 254 may be 15-0-0 (in a very tough field, no doubt), but don’t forget that 1538 is 14-0-0.

But why? Help make your point to why 1538 should be voted. Just saying you will be disappointed doesn’t really help.

Does ISR#1 count for week 2? Since the week 1 poll kinda closed like a couple hours after ISR#1 ended, I figure I’d toss in a vote for 1574 here. I urge everyone to watch the elims for ISR#1 to get a feel for how truly far ahead 1574 was (is) at that event. MisCar is going to have one crazy year.

I’m predicting that 7 teams from the top 25 will be going to Colorado

One team that may go unnoticed is team 6705 from Atlanta. This second-year team ranked number 1 and 2 at their two events so far and made it to the finals both times, winning the second event.

Seems like you would have won if your alliance had placed a cube in the vault first instead of spending 20 seconds trying to put one in an already unbalanced switch. 1 in the vault + activating force was more than the differential right?

Um…ladies and gentlemen, my name is the humble alumni, and I’m the one behind the one who conquered the one who thought he was the one to beat the 1. Today at the SouthEastern NE District, my client didn’t just beat, didn’t just victimize; my client conquered the first seed alliance, which affords me, the humble alumni, the opportunity to proclaim myself the advocate for the brand new, reigning, defending, undisputed, back to back district winning TJ squared Team 88!

Team 88 accomplishments
Week 1 WPI District winner #3 Alliance Captain
Week 2 SE Mass #2 Alliance Captain OPR 206

Please consider them in your top 25 I think this team deserves to be recognized.

From the form:

Note: ISR District Event 1 and Istanbul are available for week 2 voting. ISR District Event 3, Southern Cross Regional, and Canadian Pacific Regional will be eligible for week 3 voting.

  1. One match does not determine the overall power of a robot.

  2. San Diego, while not seeming deep on a first glance, turned out to be a lot more competitive than we initially guessed. Even so, 1538 was able to come out of qualifications undefeated, without any sort of climber or ramp/buddy bar.

There are 3 reasons as to why I believe 1538 should be in the top 3.

  1. Opponent Switch control. In some ways similar to 254, 1538 immediately aimed to load all of the cubes sitting on the opponent switch side into the switch. While others (including us) attempted to do as well, none of us were able to get consistently close to 1538. And with the speed at which they were able to do so, it was pretty much a death sentence for any alliance as they were able to still compete on the scale, whether it be 2v1 or 1v1 for scale control.

  2. Auto. Week 2 featured a load of interesting and dominating autos. The fact that 1538 ran a 2 scale cube auton which nearly 100% of the time got 1 cube and most of the time 2 just goes to show the dominance that they had over San Diego. Comparing 1538 to the rest of Week 2, it is clear that they win out in this category.

  3. The Scale. With a lightning fast elevator and a clean intake (imagine my suprise when Kiet says they are scraping it) , they were able to control the scale, even when opposing teams went 2v1 on them. As the scale was the major determining factor, this is were they can truly win out in the race for top 25.

Again, San Diego was an outstanding regional (my favorite so far) and the teams were amazing to work with. Congrats to 1538, 2659, and 597 on the regional win, well deserved!

All I want is some auton races against 1538, but alas, #2Champs :frowning:

i can read i was just testing you

Fair, my assessment was purely off of SDR and the bits and pieces of AZ North I’ve gotten to watch (probably with a tinge of salt). Impressive showing by y’all as well :slight_smile: Hope to see y’all in Houston.

A lot of things could’ve gone differently in the match for us to win. Not getting stuck on the scale and giving penalty points, our alliance partners going for the exchange at the very end instead of evening the switch, etc. It all certainly would’ve made for an interesting match 3. In the end, it’s nice to know all our alliance partners get to go to worlds with us vs. last year we got the only wildcard slot (as the losing alliance finalist team captain).

Everything I say is my own opinion.

I’d like to mention our team 2168 into the running, after coming off our huge success in 2017 we managed a repeat at SE MASS this weekend being the first pick of the second seed team 88 (also should be nominated) together in elims we would often have the scale loaded with 4-5 cubes within 10 seconds into telleop every match. Most matches finding ourselves with little left to do after implementing strong strategies to maintain our lead throughout the match. (Not to mention having to rebuild our robot on arrival forcing us to play the defensive portion of the game for the first few qual matches).

Summed up:
-We won our 6th straight district event going 16-2 at this event
-Able to play all portions of the game Very Effectively
-Working Scale and Switch autos
-Very strong understanding and implementation of game strategy

I thought I’d just put this out there…
Team 88 just won our second event of the season. Last week we were ranked 3rd at the WPI event and won. This week we won our home event after being ranked 2nd. We were able to choose and win with team 2168 (who should also be nominated for winning with a party build robot), with whom we won with last year at the same event. With a season record of 33-3 we’ve only lost because of technical issues or 2 on 1 scale battles.

We’ve also won the spirit award and quality award

Also take into consideration team 78. Both of our past events we’ve faced them in the finals. They’re an incredible opponent and gave us a close match during both events.

Nearly 200 votes already. Just a reminder that a team must have played in week 2 events (with the couple of exceptions noted) in order to qualify for this poll.

Putting in duplicate entries or teams that did not play this week typically results in your submission not being considered.

You still have until 7pm ET to vote!