FRCTop25 Week 2 Voting is Open - Link


FRCTop25 week 2 voting is NOW OPEN through Monday 5pm US Eastern at Vote for who you thought were the top teams of the week!

Let us know what teams made your list and who others should consider voting for!


One team which needs a shout out here is 7671 Fire Hazard, for several reasons:

  • Their robot (image below), commonly referred to as the bucketbot, was so incredibly simple yet insanely effective (They were one of the best cargo cyclers in an event loaded with powerhouse teams). I asked one of their members how much drive practice they got, and they told me that they got 2 weeks of driver practice, which is totally believable considering how efficient they were. This robot is one of the best examples of a simple concept executed perfectly.
  • They picked incredibly smart in alliance selection
  • They are currently ranked #1 in the NC district (with the benefit of the rookie bonus)
  • This whole story is kind of memeworthy.


I’ll throw out my team 2046 although we had electrical issues that took us out in Semi-Finals at Auburn Mountainview… some other noteworthy teams from the PNW include 1983, 1540, and 948.


Vote for 7893. They showed up without a robot and proceeded to build the KOP chassis throughout the practice day. They bolted a few 45 lb weights to it and ended up with a 6" tall 120 lb robot that was like an invisible wrecking ball on the field. They did so well in defense that they were even picked to play in the playoffs.

Vote for the ultimate brick bot: 7893


I’ve got to plug 222 here. They’re the best robot in FMA right now, and it’s not close.

  • 10-11 game pieces/match
  • Consistent level 2 climb
  • Consistent 1.5 hatch sandstorm

5934 made finalist at midwest and was undefeated until finals with only a 300$ to build a robot. Also the only team I’ve seen to use no null hatch panels and be successful. They were insane, even without knowing the limitations they had.


Ben_MartinFRC 225 (TechFire)


I’ve got to plug 222 here. They’re the best robot in FMA right now, and it’s not close.

** 10-11 game pieces/match*
** Consistent level 2 climb*
** Consistent 1.5 hatch sandstorm*

I have to say that we sat right behind Team 222, and they performed very well at Mt. Olive. Nice people, too!


I’d like to throw a shoutout for Team 2791 (and a state/region that is, in my opinion, too often overlooked). Admittedly I didn’t get to watch a ton of events this weekend but I made sure to keep an eye on these guys. They’re incredibly quick and consistent and were able to complete a rocket in 6 out of their 12 qual matches (even after teams started throwing defense on them) as well as 5 4RP matches. Excited to get a closer look at their machine this weekend.


We are already over 300 submissions for this week! This poll closes at 5pm (17:00) US Eastern


Don’t vote for 1076.
Just enjoy our improvised (and repeatable) Lv2 climb. Turning lemons into lemonade.


They are consistent and reliable on mid & high rocket goals, too!


Love this


Shoot! Why didn’t we think of that!


I’m the NEMO for 7671 and wanted to thank you for your shout out - the students were thrilled. (Not having any concept of what was in store for us, we determined back in November that our goal for the season was “to move” across the line.) None of us can believe how far we’ve come. We are very grateful for all the support and encouragement we’ve received.

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Thanks for noting us! We still feel kinda bad for the unmerited win… you guys really deserved to win AMV