FRCTop25 Week 3 Poll Open. Closes 3/19 7:00pm Eastern

The Week 3 FRC Top 25 community poll is now open.

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Poll closes at 7:00pm Eastern on Monday

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Note: ISR District Event #3, Southern Cross Regional, and Canadian Pacific Regional will be eligible for week 3 voting

I know don’t they don’t have a powerhouse reputation by any means, but 1493 from Tech Valley is going to be high on my list. They are one of the best switch/exchange bots in the world right now. They had a two-cube switch auto and could seamlessly transition between attacking their switch, the opponent switch, filling the vault, and defense.

After seeding second, with the help of only one scale robot, they were able to fight their way through scale talents of 3990 and 3996 in semis and 2791 and 20 in finals to earn their first blue banner. This team is going to make a killer second pick in Detroit, but only if they slip that far.

I usually don’t vote because I’m at an event and don’t get to see all the robots from around the world, but I figure I can share some insight from the event I was at.

The MAR Bridgewater-Raritan event had some very good robots that I think people should watch for. The finals showcased 4 of the top teams: 2590 and 1923 vs 303 and 56. Finals 1 had some great scale action.Finals 2 there was a bit of a switch up in strategy, it was more switch oriented, a very close match. Finals 3 showed both scale and switch focused strategies. Overall these were very intense finals matches with some interesting strategies.

Well, I actually managed to compile everything this time while there is still plenty of time to vote.

Team	Elo
2481	1928
2046	1867
225	1862
2791	1861
230	1854
195	1851
1114	1846
1574	1842
245	1835
340	1828
5985	1825
1241	1820
2642	1820
3707	1820
2811	1819
4613	1814
238	1814
95	1813
971	1802
973	1802
3538	1802
1477	1800
330	1799
4613	1798
4253	1789

Any reason 4613 is listed twice?

I guess its because they are counted once for the southern cross regional, and once for the southern pacific regional. Out of curiosity, do you think you can post the top elo teams down to 50?

Can you attach an event name or code to each team? It should make this clear.

Yep, these events at weird times throw off the simple copy-paste I usually do. The two 4613’s on the previous list is due to them competing at two events included in this poll.

Sure. I removed any duplicates I saw.

Team	Elo	event
2481	1928	Central Illinois Regional
2046	1867	PNW District Auburn Event
225	1862	MAR District Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Event
2791	1861	New York Tech Valley Regional
230	1854	NE District Southern CT Event
195	1851	NE District Southern CT Event
1114	1846	ONT District Ryerson University Event
1574	1842	ISR District Event #3
245	1835	FIM District Escanaba Event
340	1828	Finger Lakes Regional 
5985	1825	South Pacific Regional
1241	1820	Canadian Pacific Regional
2642	1820	NC District UNC Pembroke Event
3707	1820	FIM District Milford Event
2811	1819	PNW District SunDome Event
4613	1814	South Pacific Regional
238	1814	NE District North Shore Event
95	1813	NE District Southern CT Event
971	1802	San Francisco Regional
973	1802	San Francisco Regional
3538	1802	FIM District Gull Lake Event
1477	1800	Lone Star Central Regional
330	1799	Los Angeles Regional
4253	1789	Southern Cross Regional
1923	1788	MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
303	1783	MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
319	1782	NE District North Shore Event
4039	1782	ONT District Ryerson University Event
1723	1780	Greater Kansas City Regional
5883	1773	Shanghai Regional
33	1771	FIM District Milford Event
5687	1766	NE District Southern CT Event
1577	1765	ISR District Event #4
5803	1762	PNW District Auburn Event
133	1760	NE District North Shore Event
1318	1757	PNW District SunDome Event
862	1750	FIM District Gaylord Event
56	1749	MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
2168	1748	MAR District Springside Chestnut Hill Academy Event
2590	1745	MAR District Bridgewater-Raritan Event
4587	1745	Lone Star Central Regional
1756	1745	Central Illinois Regional
3604	1744	FIM District Lincoln Event
3959	1743	Rocket City Regional
3835	1736	ISR District Event #4
3990	1736	New York Tech Valley Regional
5406	1733	ONT District Ryerson University Event
623	1733	CHS District Southern Maryland Event
1986	1732	Greater Kansas City Regional
3641	1732	FIM District Lincoln Event

Anyone can view full data in my scouting database. It’s easy to sort just by week 3 events there, but I had to manually add in the teams from the three week 2 events and remove teams that competed twice (like 4613).

I think 2811, StormBots, is worthy of the top 25 this week. After being on the cusp of greatness for several years, they broke out onto the PNW scene this year, captaining one finalist and one winning alliance in their first two events so far. They’ve looked incredible at both events and especially impressed at their competition this week. Fantastic team, both on and off the field, and would recommend putting them in the top 25 for this week.

Thank you for the shout out- we decided early in the season not to stretch our resources and be a really good switch/exchange robot. This would save us time and allow our programming team time to get our auto just like we imagined. I never imagined it would work out as well and how it did.

probably the best autonomous mode I’ve seen till now, congratulations team 1493, excited to see you guys in detroit

2481 is very good with their swerve

+1. I was present for CIR, and their #1 ELO rank for the week is no joke.

Also as a little bit of self-promotion, this was 225’s best match of the weekend (16 cubes + climb)

I second this motion. They performed incredibly well, winning every match they played this weekend, with a large winning margin in almost all of them.

3990 has a very good swerve drive, but the driver skill just isn’t strong enough to merit that status. Though with six weeks to practice before Detroit, that could certainly change.

3990 does certainly deserve recognition. When the scale was tipped in their favor, they could cement their lead frighteningyly quickly.

Thank you both for the positive comments for our team (2811). We are looking forward to seeing everyone at PacNW Championships! There are some great robots in the PacNW this year.

Just hit 300 submissions for this week! Reminder that polls will close at 7pm ET sharp tonight!


Vote for 319 because today is 3/19

Maybe this week, but 2910 will want a word next week.

5803/1983/2046/2811 would be great PNW Bots to look into this week.

I agree with this statement😂