FRCTop25 Week 3 Poll Open. Closes 3/20 8:00pm Eastern

Week 3 of the FRC Top 25 community poll is now open. We had some awesome events this week and can’t wait to see who rises to the top!

Voting is here:

Note: AUS Southern Cross, AUS South Pacific, ISR Event 3, and ISR Event 4 are available on this weeks poll.

Polls close at 8:00pm Eastern on Monday. Check out the results live on Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern

Post below if you want to make your pitch on a team that should be in the FRC Top 25.

Just so you know, the form’s third question “Please select which week you are submitting for?” only has the option of “Week 2 (Due 3/13 8PM EST).”

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll make this change when u get home.

  1. 254
  2. 254
  3. 254
  4. 254
  5. 254
  6. 254
  7. 254
  8. 254
  9. 254
  10. 254
  11. 254
  12. 254
  13. 254
  14. 254
  15. 254
  16. 254
  17. 254
  18. 254
  19. 254
  20. 254
  21. 254
  22. 254
  23. 254
  24. 254

That may be a little excessive, but perhaps they should be given 971’s slot for 2v3ing in the last match of SF :slight_smile:

(it’s a joke guys)

I’ve always wondered, is there a reason that in order to complete the form you are required to fill out 15 team? Wouldn’t 10 or 5 make more sense, by 9 or 10 im trying to remember team that played week 3 let along ones to complete the list. I mean I get why you may want 15 so that you actually have enough teams but why not shorten it to 10 or something a little smaller? That being said I love the whole top 25 concept.



I watched all of Barker’s events before watching the Poofs at SF. I agree that when these two teams captain opposing alliances, and each picks two fast gearbots with reliable autons and hangs, extremely large scores will result.

Roboteers looked quite strong at Central Illinois.

These three (254, 4613, 2481) are probably the top robots of Week 3. There were several fast gearbots at Kansas City also, and Titanium shot a ton of FUEL. 1690’s shooting looked very good at Israel #4. Cyberknights shot very well at NY Tech Valley. And then there’s Robonauts at Lone Star Central. And NUTRONs at Greater Boston.

A Week 3 top ten list could come from the paragraph above. I wish FUN would get an expert panel together to figure that out.

FUEL 'bots will be the top ACs more often as STEAMworks play matures. They won’t need to pick each other, so they’ll be building alliances of hangers/gearbots/defenders --> domestiques that can do all three.

I know Richard was making a joke here but we always get some submissions like this. Just be aware that these are deleted and not included in the poll/results so please don’t waste your time or ours.

I’ll let Mike or Justin answer this if they want but it used to be 25 required. 15 gets us plenty of votes and seems to have a good mix overall (we always want more votes but I would say consistently around 150-225 is a good mix).

There were too many amazing robots competing this week, and it’s hard to compare them in some cases. i.e. who was better- 118/195/254/971/125/4613 (all incredible fuel scoring robots this week), vs 340/5687/2168/1987/624 (incredible gear cyclers from this week).

I rarely fill out all 25 spots, because I don’t feel knowledgable enough to try to rank 25 teams, but I couldn’t leave a lot of these teams out of my list!

  1. 118
  2. 2481
  3. 195
  4. 1986
  5. 624
  6. 1574
  7. 254
  8. 95
  9. 1987
  10. 4613
  11. 5687

My top few after a little thought, but no in-depth analysis.

I would humbly submit my own team, 95, for the next round of voting. After some significant changes between weeks 1 and 3 I think we finally have a robot worth considering for the top 25.

I would also nominate 6763. Not only have the won the rookie all-star award, highest rookie seed, and rookie inspiration award, they also captained an event-winning alliance. They have also scored up to 6 gears in a match. That is just incredible in my book.

The reason for 15 (As opposed to the original 25) was to lessen the amount of people who did not vote simply because they couldn’t think of 25 worthy teams.

There was debate at the time we changed it but we felt if someone if going to vote, they should have been paying attention enough to the teams for that week that they can put down 15 teams. If you can’t make it to 15 then maybe a little more research is required.

Keep in mind, putting in duplicates or non-team numbers to get to 15 results in your ballot being thrown out. :ahh: