FRCTop25 Week 4 Poll Open. Closes 3/26 6:00pm Eastern

The Week 4 FRC Top 25 community poll is now open.

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Poll closes at 6:00pm Eastern on Monday

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Post below if you want to make your pitch for a team that should be in the FRC Top 25 voting.

I’d like to put a word in for 6328 Mechanical Advantage, and 78 Air Strike. Both teams competed at the Rhode Island District event this weekend and had incredibly well built robots that consistently performed well.

Going to put a recommendation in for 4564. Winners at WPI, and Finalists at Pine Tree. Their robot is sleek, clean, effective, well driven and easily one of my favorites this year. Not to mention they have a great team that has always been fun and easy to work with.

I’d like to put in a good word for 148 and 118. Sometimes they’re overlooked and that’s just wrong… :smiley:

OP is also OP this year. But Dave might be more OP than OP… tons of great teams in week 4. I’ll be interested to see who comes out on top.


Also like to mention the winners at Pine Tree, 5687 (Outliers) and 133 (BERT) who were tremendous all weekend long. Both have already won an event earlier this season and will certainly be tearing it up at DCMP!

I’m gonna encourage voters to include 2910 in their voting.

Jack in the Bot absolutly dominated and went undefeated at Glacier Peak. If you have any doubts, go watch their Finals Match One and Finals Match Two.

Watch them even if you don’t have any doubts; they are fun to watch!

I would like to mention 6329, the Bucks’ Wrath. They are one of the fastest and most efficient switch bots I’ve seen. They definetly held their ground in the finals of Pine Tree this past weekend. Their drivers know what they’re doing and they definelty deserve some recognition for their performance, not to mention this is only their second season as a team.

Curious to see how many spots Colorado, Las Vegas, and Orange County take. This was a strong week for western (and visiting Texas!) teams.

For the love of all that is Peachtree, please vote for 4910. Annihilating their event yet again, proven consistency in every aspect of the game, and earning 78 district points for the second time.


Bucks Wrath easily was the best robot at the event and was very hard to beat. We had the misfortune of playing against them 4 times, two in quals and two in elims. However our one match with them was amazing and we wouldn’t have been able to beat them that one match if it wasn’t for playing with them. Also the drive team was top notch and a pleasure to work with.

I would like to put a word for 4635 in Laguna regional down here in Mexico crushing the regional with qual and playoff record of 17-0-0 only missing one switch auto in the entire event!


Theres a few PNW Teams to look at:

4513 has won their second event this season, picked up their first Quality award, and are 2nd in the PNW district rankings, all with a 1 CIM/side drivetrain. No, im not joking. (Comp bot is on the right side.)

5803 and 2990 are some of the best shooter bots in the PNW and some of the best anywhere.

4980 has by far built one of my favorite bots. Simple and effective, almost beating out the #1 alliance at WV.

1983 got their head back in the game, scooping up another win and making it look easy while at it.

2910: Swerve. I shouldn’t need to say more.

3218 has had a breakout season. Finalists at GP, their bot and strats have been paying off.

Top 50 by Elo:

Team	Elo	event
2481	1991	Wisconsin Regional
1678	1984	Sacramento Regional
148	1945	Colorado Regional
225	1936	MAR District Montgomery Event
4910	1916	PCH District Columbus Event
1325	1909	ONT District York University Event
2056	1901	ONT District University of Waterloo Event
118	1900	Colorado Regional
2590	1893	Hudson Valley Regional
2910	1867	PNW District Glacier Peak Event
694	1862	Hudson Valley Regional
4253	1861	Hawaii Regional
1619	1860	Colorado Regional
494	1848	FIM District Lansing Event
95	1842	NE District Pine Tree Event
1241	1841	ONT District University of Waterloo Event
133	1834	NE District Pine Tree Event
3357	1832	FIM District Lansing Event
303	1824	Greater Pittsburgh Regional
5190	1823	NC District UNC Asheville Event
1259	1819	Wisconsin Regional
3005	1817	Colorado Regional
5687	1808	NE District Pine Tree Event
1629	1807	CHS District Central Maryland Event sponsored by Leidos
4003	1805	FIM District West Michigan Event
842	1804	Las Vegas Regional
4564	1801	NE District Pine Tree Event
85	1800	FIM District West Michigan Event
5802	1792	Orange County Regional
25	1788	MAR District Montgomery Event
525	1788	Iowa Regional
3309	1788	Orange County Regional
4561	1780	NC District UNC Asheville Event
4028	1778	Greater Pittsburgh Regional
359	1777	Hawaii Regional
2168	1775	NE District Rhode Island Event
56	1773	MAR District Montgomery Event
1360	1772	ONT District York University Event
4635	1771	Laguna Regional
125	1762	NE District Rhode Island Event
987	1761	Las Vegas Regional
3130	1760	Wisconsin Regional
316	1757	MAR District Seneca Event
3959	1756	Smoky Mountains Regional
2059	1753	NC District UNC Asheville Event
365	1753	MAR District Seneca Event
234	1751	IN District Plainfield Event sponsored by Toyota
4513	1749	PNW District West Valley Event
1421	1748	Bayou Regional
364	1747	Bayou Regional

An alternative model, containing only teams who played in week 4, mirroring Caleb’s:

 #  Team  Rating  Event
 1  2481  547.54  Wisconsin
 2  1678  524.52  Sacramento
 3  3357  470.96  Lansing
 4  4910  449.61  Columbus
 5   118  432.35  Colorado
 6  1323  430.62  Sacramento
 7  2590  425.91  Hudson Valley
 8   225  423.82  Montgomery
 9  1259  416.84  Wisconsin
10    25  415.09  Montgomery
11   148  405.96  Colorado
12  4253  391.67  Hawaii
13  2910  388.88  Glacier Peak
14  1360   384.3  York University
15   842  374.48  Las Vegas
16  2168   368.8  Rhode Island
17   133  367.59  Pine Tree
18  1619  366.98  Colorado
19  2056   361.3  University of Waterloo
20  5687  361.01  Pine Tree
21  1325  358.16  York University
22  4003  357.47  West Michigan
23   303  350.43  Greater Pittsburgh
24   494  343.83  Lansing
25  6025  343.79  Iowa
26  1421   332.7  Bayou
27  4513  332.32  West Valley
28  1241  328.38  University of Waterloo
29   302  326.67  Lansing
30  5190  322.27  UNC Asheville
31  1796  320.89  Hudson Valley
32  1574  314.31  Israel
33   359  313.29  Hawaii
34  4561  310.99  UNC Asheville
35  4976  310.58  York University
36  4564  307.58  Pine Tree
37  1629  307.17  Central Maryland
38  1730  304.06  Colorado
39  4917  296.74  University of Waterloo
40   217  296.53  Greater Pittsburgh
41  1577  295.85  Israel
42  1189  295.35  Belleville
43  3683  295.11  University of Waterloo
44  3476  293.51  Orange County
45  5803  291.34  West Valley
46   834  287.66  Seneca
47  5802  285.85  Orange County
48  3005  284.69  Colorado
49  2059  283.53  UNC Asheville
50  1983  280.63  Glacier Peak

So little video available from this weekend’s events. How’s a guy supposed to make a halfway informed list???

Hi Wayne! Caleb Sykes has updated his Scouting Database, and I’ve updated the Tableau Dashboards based off Caleb’s data, if that will help. Simply sort by the events that occurred this past weekend.

If you guys haven’t seen 2910 yet, I suggest you watch a few of their match videos. They don’t have a partner climb, but the driving this year is one of the best I’ve seen in frc ever.

How did you calculate this? Is there a thread discussing it?

In Ontario, there have been a few pretty incredible breakout teams this season:

  • 1360 - Orbit Robotics

After an awesome reveal video on Premeire Night, Orbit dominated both of their District Events (Georgian College & York University), ranking 1st at both with a record of 33-3-1 this season. They went on to win both those events, and just for good measure, also picked up the Chairman’s Award at York. It’s only their third year as an official team, and they’re already making a huge mark on the FRC community in Ontario.

  • 4917 - Sir Lancerbot

Sir Lancerbot have been building themselves up as an amazing team over the past few years. They achieved quite a bit of success last year, winning the Windor-Essex Event, ranking 10th at Provincial Championships, and making it all the way to the Curie Division Finals in St. Louis. This year, they’re continuing their upward trend, ranking 2nd at the University of Waterloo event, and defeating Alliance #1 (consisting of teams 2056 & 1241) to win the event. I can’t wait to see these guys compete at North Bay this weekend