FRCTop25 Week 4 Poll Open. Closes 3/27 8:00pm Eastern

Week 4 of the FRC Top 25 community poll is now open. We had some awesome events this week and can’t wait to see who rises to the top!

Voting is here:

Note: Israel District Chamionships will be considered for week 5 voting.

Polls close at 8:00pm Eastern on Monday. Check out the results live on Tuesday at 8:30pm Eastern

Post below if you want to make your pitch on a team that should be in the FRC Top 25.

My opinions from attending Rocket City:

1706 Ratchet Rockers are the real deal when it comes to fuel, but 5842 Royal Robotics might be better.

4451 ROBOTZ Garage can run gears with the best of them.

179 Children of the Swamp and 79 Team Krunch have struck a nice balance between the two.

Happy voting, everyone!

Make sure you all check out Iowa… There are several deserving teams from there. :smiley:

I hope the Lansing event (at Mason High School hosted by Tractor Technicians Team 3655) in Michigan gets some love from you guys!!!

The 8 seed alliance averaged 445 points (did it four times - 2x in QF and 2x in SF) and lost in the semi-finals.

If 2168 isn’t at least top 10, then I might never look at the top 25 ever again. You can’t argue with 3 wins in 3 weeks.

How about 3 wins in 2 weeks? :stuck_out_tongue:

But actually, 3 for 3 is an impressive feat.

In previous weeks teams that shoot fuel have been ranking a lot higher than teams that are effective at placing rotors. However, at this point in the year high rotor teams will beat out high fuel teams because of their scoring potentials. Fuel shooting is certainly valuable and may be the deciding factor at worlds. However a shooting robot is almost useless against an alliance that puts up 4 rotors unless their 2 other partners can put up 4 as well.

In other words, fuel bots need good rotor bots but good rotor bots don’t necessarily need fuel bots to win. Fuel bots are rare and unique, but the top spot should be teams that dominate the rotor game.

This is certainly the discussion that we all are waiting to see decided. I’m of the opinion that a good 40 kPa + 3 rotor alliance will have a strong upper hand against a pure rotor alliance, and my voting for this week reflects that. Simply, I think if you have 1 shooter who can also run 2 gears, and a gear runner that can do 1 in auto and 3 in teleop, there will be lots of time for some heavy 3 robot defense against any 4 rotor team (which will already be slowed down by an entire dedicated defense team, and not be able to get the 4).

This game makes it very interesting because there are a few different playoff alliance archetypes that will form. I can’t wait to see what one proves most dominant.

If you watch the Glacier peak district elimination rounds you’ll see the number 4 alliance and number 2 alliance make it to the finals being pure gear running 4 rotor alliances. The semi-finals in particular were great.

Or watch every elim match in Iowa…

Wanted to make sure and get my two cents in here. We competed at the Colorado Regional this past weekend and had an opportunity to see 1619’s robot up close and personal and it was a thing of beauty. Shooter was pretty dialed in all regional and when they chose to flex their gear muscle they pulled off a 4 rotor match with ease. They were thoroughly dominant and rightly deserved the win.

I’ll second this. 1619 is incredible. I’ll add 4388 to the list as well (I’m not biased at all). They easily had one of best gear bots there and no matter how hard we tried in the QFs we couldn’t shut them down with defense. 1619’s gear pickup might have been better but I saw it get significantly less use so in my mind 4388 takes the cake (with 3005 a close second).

11. Almost.

When will the full Top 40 list be published?

Waiting for the YouTube Video to process so hopefully I will be able to get to this in a couple of hours.