FRCTop25 Week 4 Voting is Open - Link

FRCTop25 week 4 voting is NOW OPEN through Monday 5pm US Eastern at Vote for who you thought were the top teams of the week!

Don’t forget to submit your clip of the week in the poll or at our Discord under #clips-of-the-week

Let us know what teams made your list and who others should consider voting for!

I’ll echo what I said here:

" For those of you FRC Top 25 voting types, take a look at 3324’s offensive stats compared to some of the top teams in FRC. Go ahead, I’ll wait . Toss some love their way."


Well, after getting snubbed last week, I’ll reiterate. Our team (364) has been absolutely dominant this season, going 29-2 and only losing those two matches by foul points (those fouls being our bumpers only going about an inch over the center field line while a defender was already on the other side of the field). As well, we’ve got 2 regional wins and 2 innovation in control awards to go with.

We were 7th in overall OPR for week 4 events ending on the 23rd, 11th in OPR for Week 3. - ranked 3rd in the world on this stats page for season ELO.

I believe we were ranked around 8th in game pieces scored last week in the world, I’m sure that number has stayed consistent or even increased this week.

No, we don’t have the flashy unicorn matches that the top teams in California have (those are hard to get at regionals where you don’t have many bots to help you out in quals!) So we’ve resorted to the rock-solid strategy of maximizing Cargo points and going for a 3RP average per game. Almost got it at Bayou, but lost one match by one point (fouls!).

This little team from Mississippi shouldn’t go unnoticed. Last week 27 and 16 were ranked on the top 25 (nothing against these guys - they’re incredible year in and year out) even though we had an arguably better performance stats wise, and we were left off.

Sadly there’s no livestream from Bayou but a quick look at the statistics should show everyone how awesome this team has been this year and I’m incredibly proud of them. They deserve to be noticed. Good luck everyone!


Credit to for making this great site

that’s a scary chart. Because I’ve seen 1726’s robot, in person.

Is this Cargo/hatch OPR? because I can’t tell how this is calculated.

Visually viewing Caleb Sykes' Scouting Database: Data is Beautiful here’s the thread where it came from


Top 25 OPRs for Week 4:


Does anyone know how many of these teams have 3rd level climbs?

I know 1619 and 1726 do.

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I would assume all do, it would be quite hard to get an OPR that high without a level 3 HAB climb.


The Metrobots do not have a 3rd level climb :slight_smile:. It’s why I’m wondering. We are a very focused machine and I have been wondering if we’re the best out there at what we do (and who to look at to learn and be better!)

(And to be fair we just barely scraped onto the list)


6528 does not have a level 2 or 3 climb, they are an everybot with really good drivers. I’m interested to see if they’ll qualify for MSC, as they have 65 points after their 2 district events.

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1323 is the best team in FIRST this year by a pretty big margin.

(So far!)


It’s great to see them doing so well!

Out of Ontario both 2056 and 1114 have quite reliable hab 3 climbs, both very quick.

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Nono this thread is for people tooting their own horn.


Not allowed for me :wink:

Be sure to vote for 2910 Jack in the Bot, and we (2046) are not so bad either. Other notable PNW teams include 2930, 2147, 2522, 1983, 3223, 4469…