FrcVision on a rPI with java

Hi! Need a little help! We are making process with our rPI and the vision stuff and the team has created a sample pipeline in Grip.

We have the Grip pipeline running on the rPI… we think. Our logging indicates that our pipeline is being called and we aren’t getting any error messages. However, our sample pipeline draws a rectangle on the image but we don’t see that in the stream. We just see the original stream. How do we “publish” the new stream? We added a Publish Video block, but that didn’t seem to change the generated code.

Thank you!


To publish additional opencv derived image streams, use CameraServer.putVideo(). This creates a virtual “camera” and returns a CvSource that you can put opencv images to. The GRIP exporter doesn’t know how to handle a lot of things, so you have to tie it to the CameraServer stuff yourself.

Can you show us what is being put in NetworkTables?

What do you mean? By CameraServer? CameraServer puts stuff in NT to say where the stream is and creates the mjpeg streaming service the dashboard connects to.

is a url being posted to NT? You shouldn’t need to stream it if the pipeline works though. Are the values being published? is it connecting?

Thank you we will try out the CameraServer stuff tonight!

They got it working! Thank you for the help!