FRCVision raspberry pi no network connection Help

Sorry I can’t read. Or rather I was in a hurry as I’ve use the raspberry pi with opencv in the past. My problem is I wrote the frcvision 2020.1.1 image and proceeded to power it up without a network. Then I couldn’t do anything as there was no way to start the wireless network and I’m stuck in the command line shell. Then I powered down, connected to my home network, but networking isn’t working probably because the pi is no longer read access.

So how do I grant read access from the command line and start the network interface? Or reset the software so it boots with read access?

It should grab DHCP from your home network just fine, even if your initial power-up wasn’t connected to a network. WiFi is disabled by default to make it legal for on-robot use out of the box. Is “ifconfig -a” showing an active network?

There are two shell aliases that can be used to change the filesystem writability on the terminal interface: “rw” (makes it writable) and “ro” (makes it read-only again).

Thank you. I had to move everything to hard wire into my network and forgot the most important connection. (Ethernet cable to raspberry pi). Feel dumb. And old. Nice to know about rw and ro commands though.


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