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What is FRC0 (FRC Zero)

FRC0 is a knowledge base for students, mentors, and parents of FIRST Robotics Competition teams. The goal of FRC0 is to provide a single source of information for all things FIRST Robotics Competition. This includes information on the game, the rules, the robot, and the competition and much more. FRC0 is a work in progress.

How can you help?

We are always looking for new contributors to help us improve the site. If you are interested in contributing, please see the writing-content page.
Content is written in markdown just like the comments here for Chief Delphi… If you are able to reply to me you can probably write content!!!

Is this like gm0 for FTC?

This came about as an idea since the site is a fantastic source for FTC but we don’t have a comparable FRC version for everything in one place. This is NOT an official guide, but instead a living guide written by the community as an open source knowledge hub. I’m not a git wizard myself so bear in mind content will be reviewed manually by myself and whoever else would like to become a moderator for the project. This project has started to grow quickly already encompassing 4 teams and 2 languages (English and a Turkish version is under way!)

Closing Remarks

The site is a little barren as it was just created and setup over this previous weekend. I just added a dark mode theme tonight and it hides all hyperlink colors as regular text. I will fix this but it was a quick fix to prevent blindness!

Seriously the quick response on reddit and the feedback from users and help from them has been great! I really hope this can help bridge the knowledge gap I perceive exists for rookie teams and teams that get stuck on things not covered in the existing guides. This site is not meant to bash in existing docs or guides. This is to cover the gaps and also provide a way for all teams to get involved as a community to share the best info in one place!


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