Free Bimba Pistons

In years past Bimba has given 2 free actuators to all FRC teams, does anyone know if they are repeating this for this season and where we can order them from?

Simple googling has yielded no results…

In the kop there is / was a bag with paperwork included there is a voucher in that bag

Bimba FIRST page -

Perfect, thank you.

Bimba is awesome. FYI: Typically it takes anywhere from 3 to 4 weeks for cylinders to arrive, please don’t expect them before build stop day, unless something has changed this year.

While this is true for custom cylinders, Bimba has many common sizes on the shelf. If you have any questions about how to “build out” a cylinder, please let me know, and I’d be happy to help with that, or any other pneumatic question.

Do you know if there is a way to get the dimensions of a cylinder from the BIMBA FRC page before ordering it? Knowing body length, extended length, and mounting options if pretty critical for a design. If I were to search on the BIMBA site for a cylinder matching the specs I enter on that page, would I get results for the exact cylinder that I would receive?

All of the Bimba cylinders are original line, double acting, dual pivot cylinders. If you look in the Original Line catalog, you can get a drawing with generic dimensions that are configurable based on cylinder stroke length. Don’t forget the clevis!

If you go to their product page, you can just use their design “calculator”. Even comes with a custom CAD model to boot.

As another user has said, if you just go to the original line page, you can feed in the specs, and get a complete, downloadable CAD assembly, or even a PDF. Bimba doesn’t have a standard list of dimensions, even in the catalog. 70% of their work is custom.

That’s absolutely not true. Inside the catalog, you can clearly find a dimensioned drawing that indicates their cylinder dimensions for every model they sell. The drawings have a variable for “stroke length” which adjusts some of the dimensions based on the size you order, so you can use this to even calculate non-standard cylinder sizes.

The handiest thing about this is that you can use these dimensions to create cylinder mockups when doing 2D design sketches of robot mechanisms, so you don’t need to guess a cylinder size, download a CAD model, check if it works, rinse and repeat etc. to find the exact one you want.

It depends a lot on when and what you order. I’ve had some take forever in the past. But this year, I ordered mine on 1/19 and they arrived a week later :slight_smile:

Thanks! Knowing that they are all “Original Line” was the missing piece of information.