Free Bridgeport Style Knee Mill (SF Bay Area)

Hi all,

We have a full size knee mill that we are looking to get rid of. It is made by Millport and is essentially a slightly smaller clone of a Bridgeport Series I. It has 30"x12" XY travel with a 9"x42" table, DRO on X and Y, and power feed on X. I believe it is wired for 220 3 phase, but I can check and confirm.

It does need some work. It is currently fully functional, however there is a large amount of play in the saddle. If you pull on one corner of the table you can see it move a noticeable amount.

This machine has been taking up space and is not used enough for us to justify keeping it, or putting in the time to fix the above problem. If you have anyone on your team who is familiar with mills, I am guessing replacing the gibs would solve the problem. It also wouldn’t surprise me if the leadscrew nut needs some work.

We would like to get it out of our facility ASAP, as it is taking up space we will need once build season starts. If you are interested in the machine, send me a PM. We have the ability to load it onto a truck for you, but you will need to secure it and handle everything from there. What you see in the picture is what you’ll get-we don’t have any accessories or tooling along with the machine.

If you were within 10 hours of us I’d be on this so fast your head would spin.

Sheesh people. Free mill!

Seems everyone who wants a free mill is on the wrong side of the country.

I second that

Even being on the right side of the country, it’s a two day drive each way.

Hm… I wonder… Could we fit a bridge port in our shop…

The Beachbots might be interested. (per ChrisH)

The Insomniacs may be interested, I just need to check with my team leads first.

EDIT: Never mind, turns out our workspace cant provide enough power to power that, and we don’t have enough space. ):

Team 841 may be interested.

I am checking with the administration and if we have the appropriate power.

Since this has come up a few times via PM/email, the machine is 2 HP, 3 phase 230V.

I just got a 2hp rated single phase input variable frequency drive for my mill. The VFD is new from China, and cost $106 including postage. And it works, I can run my 3 phase mill on single phase power, plus I can adjust the speed with a potentiometer.

So don’t let the 3 phase thing prevent you from getting the mill…as long as you have 220v service you should be able to get it working.

Do you have supplier information on that VFD? Or any more specification information?

I got mine from ebay, item 120727097212

Page 1521 of 2011/12 MSC big book where you find various phase converters

Those are static phase converters, the type I got is a variable frequency drive type inverter, which lets you control the speed, etc.

On the topic of VFDs, I just ordered a Teco EV series for a 3/4 HP lathe we have. It was about $140.

Anyhow, I’m surprised this mill isn’t gone yet. My post shall be a free bump for the thread. I’d take it if we had the time and moving money and had not literally just finished moving and setting up a smaller mill. Also, we don’t have the power for it yet (in any fashion, even with a VFD).

It’s the moving part that is turning out to be the problem, I think.

We had a number of teams interested that didn’t work out. We found a home for the mill today, so it’s off the market now.

Very glad to see it go to a good home, and not the scrappers.

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