Free Browser Based Graphics Tool

Ok, so lets say you need to edit a picture, but you don’t have access to any high end image editing programs. What do you do?

Well, if you are reading this and have Flash installed, check this out:

Its a suite of free Flash based tools. Right now its in beta, and by sign-up/invite only (sorry, I’ve used up all of my invites), but they are going to be releasing several tools. Right now they have released Phoenix (An image editor like Photoshop Elements. They name all their tools after birds), Peacock (a pattern generator. Great for textures, FYI), and Toucan (a pallet creator). They are also working on Hummingbird (a 3D modeler. I was able to cough “access” an old version and I’m slightly impressed), Raven (a vector program), and Woodpecker (a smart image editor, whatever that is).

In the future they will also release several other tools, such as an audio generator and editor, video editor, a painting simulator, font editor, and a terrain editor. Theres also something about storage, but I’m not sure about that.

If you sign up, if they ask you who referred you, please mention me (robotguy4) :smiley: .

Examples of some of my work (note: there are better examples out there not done by me):
Inspired by XP wallpaper
Water texture (need to tone down toilet bowl color in next version)
Rock/mud texture

nb, your water has a bit too much white in it I think though.

Of course, mud looks diffrent depending on where you go, but when I think of mud I think of something like this.

I like your lack of a team number robot ;P.

Someone has to be a rebel… Some times… Maybe… never?

About the textures. That was the first time I tried it and hey, I thought it was seamless enough. The mud texture actually was the water texture only with a different color and a few changes in wave patterns (or something like that). In short: I like the water texture better.

Another cool thing about this is that it is easy to edit other people’s work (if allowed by the creator).

Done by me:

Then worked on by Avi (A.viary’s owner! Well… At least a staff member… I’m guessing because this is called “A.viary” and his name is Avi):

Then changed by a user named Bassp:

Then finally edited by Avi again:

By the way, they set it up so that all derivatives and versions are saved and you can link to them and see who did what. In fact with the “inspired by the XP wallpaper” set above, Avi accidentally credited another user (grenadeguy) as the first creator, but since there was a source/derivative list, one could see who really started it (me. However, I’m proud to have been mixed up with a good artist in that community. If I got mixed up with, say, Davis, I would have been pissed. Just kidding Davis :D).

Another example is my Avatar.

(Double post due to max number of pictures)