Free CAD software?

I’m looking for a 3D cad program that will converted files to inventor10. It would be for my home PC use. I was wondering what is the best choice in free cad programs?

Please be more specific on exactly what file transferring/importing/exporting you need to do involving Inventor 10.

For free CAD, the best you’ll find is Alibre but it has google ads and a 25 part limit on assemblies.

Personally, I would recommend a 30 day trial of Inventor. If that’s not long enough, buy a student license for about $180. If that’s too much, get a student license of SolidWorks for about $70.

If you run into liscensing issues, the 30-day trial is your best bet. I just think Autodesk has become too complicated for what it is now. Before we could get it running on our fairly dated machines without a problem.

I cant find the 30-day trial.

i only see Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand allowed to receive the Cd…

I really jest want to dl inventor and then get a CD key that will last for 30 days.

Use what i use to do my guitar designing…
[STRIKE]TurboCAD. They have a free version somewhere. Ill get a link.[/STRIKE]

no need for it. Just pop the inventor disk in and install it. You get 30 days of use before it requires you to enter a registration code.