Free DDR pad (well sorta)

For whatever reason Kraft Foods is sending out DDR style game pads for just $6 Shipping and Handling, Offer expires aug 31

Offer expires July 31 2007 according to web site.

yeah i dont read to good

Read that again. Unless I slept through an entire FIRST season, it’s still 2006. You’ve got something on the order of eleven months to get it.

You don’t know how fast those months fly by. Especially once you hit January. :stuck_out_tongue:

I, being a DDR fan, question the quality of the pad in question. I mean, a free pad is nice and all, but what’s the word on how long it lasts, the quality of use, etc. etc.? :confused: :confused:

Just curious really.

I got my pad in the mail today. I think it is great! According to my son, it is of similar quality to the soft pads that come with DDR. It is USB compatible, hooked up to my computer with no issues. You go on the Kraft, Post and Nabisco websites for a variety of DDRish games to play. It appears to be Pump, DDR and ITG compatible and my son got it to work with step-mania.
My son wants to order another one for himself, and then he will steal mine to play doubles. :rolleyes:

And best of all, since it is probably USB HID compliant, you can use it with one of these to make a FIRST legal DDR pad controlled robot!

Umm, but the rules say your controls need to fit on the shelf, so you might be dancing on a ledge… :wink:

Oh, BTW, Kraft is making this offer to promote healthy living and physical activity!

Whew, I’m sweatin’ already! left,left,up,down…drat! :smiley: