Free DivX Pro Licenses - Windows and Mac (not spam)

I was browsing a mac news website and found out that you can get free DivX pro licenses for Windows and Mac today only. Perfect for compressing any team videos!



Seems kind of odd…

If it kills my computer I’ll let you know.:rolleyes:


Darn… wish I knew about this before I deleted all of the video off of my computer to make room for Inventor.

It also installs google tool bar for <insert browser here>, and Google Desktop…yuck.

It works, and seems to be clean. just uncheck those helpful “install google ___” boxes.

I don’t understand…why not use XviD? It does the same thing, and it’s open-source and free.

But I like that free-ness coming from that link. I might have to snag one of those licenses when I get home. Hopefully they don’t rip the site down by then.