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Gates Corporation is offering free belt drive components to FIRST robotics teams during the 2011 FRC preseason. Visit ** **to view catalogs, drive design manuals, and drive design tools, then fill out this form and email it to [email protected], with your team name, number and the word “FIRST” in the email subject heading. Parts will be ground shipped to the address you provide in the form free of charge. Gates does reserve the right to limit the style and quantity of parts provided to each team. If you have any questions or concerns, please call Gates Product Application Engineering at 303-744-5800 and select Option 2.

Does anyone have any recommendations for deciding what to request? The catalog is quite daunting.

If the company is giving these out for free, it makes me wonder what the game for 2011 entails…

This happened in 2010 too.

2791’s looking forward to getting some belts for our prototype!

The links on this page may help

Does anybody know if this opportunity is open for Israeli (and in general non-North American) teams?

Sand Dune racing. Duh. :stuck_out_tongue:

Questions for those that ordered Gates products during pre-season last year…

What kind of limits are there for quantities of parts?
What about limits to the total value/cost of the order?

We ordered parts from Gates for our prototype this offseason. I’m not sure if there is a set limit for cost or quantity, but they reserve the right to not give you parts. We were given every item that we requested which included about 16 pulleys and 3 belts. My advice would just be to keep your orders within reason and not abuse the offer.

Thank you Gates for once again providing this generous offer!

How long is this offer going to be for? Because i just found about this on a friday night… and we have meetings every monday! It will not run out will it?

Time to install those CRIO gaskets if you haven’t done so yet

Hi All,

Gates will be honoring pre-season 2011 FRC orders up through December 15, 2010.

If you are stumped as to what parts to order, keep in mind Gates supplied **5mm PowerGrip GT2 **belts and sprockets for the 2010 FRC. These components should work very well for the FRC 'bots, but the sprockets are made out of steel. If you want to use aluminum sprockets, (with lower load ratings than GT2) you should use 5mm PowerGrip HTD belts and sprockets. You can download drive design manuals at Design Power™ to determine part #s.

Fill out the attached form with your desired part #'s, and then email to [email protected].

[email protected]

2011_Orderform_PreSeason.xls (55.5 KB)

2011_Orderform_PreSeason.xls (55.5 KB)

I ordered the 5mm HTD belts and aluminum sprockets. I was expecting to get sprockets that had the rims on them as the picture in the catalog showed. Instead, I received ones with no rims. I went through the catalog again to make sure I ordered the proper part number and did not see any mention of rim vs. rimless options. Did anyone else have a similar experience?
If you were able to get the ones with rims, please let me know how you did it.

Go back to the top of this thread and you will see the phone number for Gates product support engineering. They can help you.

Hi Raul; I hunted through the catalogs and I agree it is pretty confusing. It appears to me that the HTD belts do not come with a flange; If you look at the figures for the GT2 sprockets they call out a type “A” on the top of the picture for unflanged and type “AF” on the bottom of the picture where the flange is shown. In the HTD picture it shows the same flange on the bottom but doesn’t call out a different type; in the type columns for the HTD sprockets I don’t see any types with an “F” suffix.


Please let us know what you hear from Gates. I would love to use the belting donation this season, and would prefer to use the HTD profile (better interoperability with other manufacturers’ parts) over the proprietary GT2 profile - but if Gates doesn’t produce (aluminum) HTD pulleys with flanges, I will need to find another plan. I don’t trust a non-flanged pulley for many/any uses in FRC.


I ordered some P22-5M-15AL (5mm pitch, 15mm wide, HTD) pulleys last year and they were as expected (flanged on both sides, minimum plain bore MPB, hubbed aluminum).

I have our order in for this year for the same series of pulleys and will report back on what actually ships.

The data for this series of pulleys is found on page 207 of the catalog.

I ordered the 9mm wide ones - that may be the difference. I just need to call them next week to determine if the 9mm are available with flanges.

OK, I exchanged some emails with the Gates rep. He said that for Aluminum HTD sprockets with 5mm pitch and belt width of 9mm or 15mm, any sprocket with up to 34 teeth will come with flanges and any sprocket with more than 34 teeth with come without flanges. These are the only options.