Free Hat for Championship Match Lists!


I’m in desperate need of a Match List for all for fields for all the Matches on Saturday morning!

I will ship a brand new 2005 Team 188 - The Blizzard hat to the first person who can post the matches on CD!

If you can post the upcoming matches for a field or two, I can send you a pack of Team 188 playing cards =).

Thanks so much in advance!!!


You can check Team 1189’s scouting server at (click the link on the bottom) to see all of the matches, teams and scores. We update periodically throughout the day.


That takes care of Newton Division! I will PM you about where to ship a deck of cards :smiley: .

I’m still looking for the other three divisions! Archimedes, Galileo and Curie!


Ah, I keep forgetting we’re only seeing 1/4 of the teams here!

The match lists are up on FIRST. Click here Just go to match results and they have all the matches.