Free High-speed in St. Cloud, FL

St. Cloud will be the first city in the US to provide free high-speed internet to 100% of all residents. check out a news article here

wikipedia seems to be informed on this subject as well.

How cool is that? Even the school gets free internet. lucky me though… I am just outside the city limits.

That’s really cool. it’s really weird that a city (is it even a city) that got thier first elevator in Feb 2005 is one of the firsts to have free internet. Now is this cabled or wireless? becuase i’ve know about thier wireless network for ages.

To bad I live 20 min from st. cloud. But we can get the signal at school I think… some kid said we could.

[edit] I just re-read the article…it is wireles…[/edit]


Now my hometown in Bartlesville Oklahoma will also be offering free WIFI.

Examiner Enterprise story

Hope this helps my new rookie team up there! Go Bartians!

Now only if Watertown, CT will do that! I’m getting tired of losing my cable signal everytime it rains out and not having any internet for a few hours to a day or two! I’ve had the cable company out here a few times and they can’t seem to find out why. :frowning:

Sounds exactly the same thing I have with my DSL. Each time it rains during the next couple days my DSL drops out and AT&T cant find the problem, usually because they take too long to come.

Free internet would be awesome but the problem I have with this is there are how many people using it at one time? how many access points are there and how many data lines are there? I guess it is a start to a trend we will likely see through out the country…


I’m already a 15 minute drive from UCF, might as well move a few miles for the free internet. :-p That’s really cool, though. You all know what that means… LAN party at Barry’s house. (yes, I made a bad joke, there’s no reason to have a LAN party at a place with free high speed lol, and besides… Barry doesn’t get the free internet anyhow hehe)