FREE: Linear Pneumatic Slides

I’m fortunate to share a building with BCIT’s Robotics program. They are big supporters of high school robotics and host a 55+ team VRC tournament here each spring. During a discussion with the instructors one day, I discovered that they were doing some renovations in their (exceptionally cool) lab and had to unload some rodless linear pneumatic slides. You hook air pressure up to one inlet, and the slide moves all the way to one end, you hook it up to the other and it slides all the way back.

Not to prejudge the 2011 pneumatics rules, but I doubt these will be FRC legal… but they are free to a good home.

The catch is that they are here in Vancouver, and weigh… oh… maybe ten pounds each.

But if you want them, and will cover the cost of shipping (which wouldn’t be that much if you were going to the Seattle Regional, or the next VEX event in Redmond, since I’d be happy to deliver them there free of charge) then they are yours.

The attached photo should give a pretty good idea of the dimensions (the floor tiles are 9" squares), sorry but I don’t have a manufacturer or part number, but they were in good working order when last used as far as I know.

They are destined for the recycling bin in the next week or two if I can’t find them a good home. You can reply here if interested, or drop me a private message just in case this thread gets lost amongst all the inevitably fruitless enthusiasm for the game hint.


PM Sent.