Free Microsoft developer products for college students

Microsoft is offering several of their developer products for free for college students. This list includes: Visual studio 2008, Express Studio 2, Sql Server 2008, Visual Studio 2005, IT Academy Student Pass Training, Windows Server 2008, Game Studio, and Windows Server 2003. Lockheed Martin proxy server blocks the link so you will have to access the site from home. . If your school is not on this list, then check to see if it is on list at this link I didn’t believe this was legit at first, but the video of Bill Gates explaining the decision to offer the tools for free helped .

I have downloaded some of the programs from dreamspark and one of my favorites is Microsoft Expression.
Microsoft Dreamspark also has Expression Studio. Expression web is a web design program used to create standards based websites, Expression media for organizing pictures and video; also makes some good HTML picture galleries, Expression design for making logos and pictures, Expression blend for making silverlight applications, and Expression encoder used to encode different videos; allows you to encode for different bandwidths and file types. Expression encoder also does live encoding and streaming. I have used Dreamweaver in web publishing class and Expression web is easier to use. And it’s free!:smiley:

You don’t have to be a college student to apply You can be in high school or a teacher. You just need to verify with a student ID. =)

That’s correct.

DreamSpark is a fantastic program.