Hello teams,

For the publication of THE NEW COOL, a narrative about FIRST, my publisher has printed out thousands of bookmarks for distribution at Regionals. They’re a little late in the game (so it goes), but I’m looking for teams at the Regionals below who would be willing to pass them out in the stands and in the pits (probably roughly 1,000 bookmarks per regional).

I would send them directly to your team by mail next week. If you’re interested and attending one of the regionals below (or know of another team who would be), please let me know by emailing me directly at

Here are the Regionals (chosen by geographic distribution):

Washington DC
Midwest Regional
Autodesk Oregon Regional
Silicon Valley Regional
Northeast Utilities Regional
Minnesota 10000
Denver Regional
Boston Regional
North Carolina Regional
Virginia Regional
Michigan State Champ
Dallas Regional
Buckeye Regional
Seattle Regional



Can you not send them to the Oklahoma Regional???
If you were able to do that my team would be happy to hand them out.

I’ll talk to the team about doing this at MSC, though I’m a bit disappointed you’ve chosen no Michigan districts. Regardless, The New Cool is an excellent advertisement for FIRST, and I’m sure we as a team would be glad to join into this effort.

I will talk to my team about this, as we are attending both the Seattle Regional and the Autodesk Oregon Regional

Killer Bees will for sure take on the Michigan State Championship. I’m always looking for things for a few of my punks to do between matches.
I’m already halfway through my copy of the book, and I love it.

Please trust that I’d love to send out bookmarks to every FIRST regional and district if I could, but I have a limited number (plus cost of shipping), which makes this prohibitive. Wish this wasn’t the case!

That’s great. Thank you! Please let me know by direct email:

Thanks Carolyn. Shipping next week.

email sent


1038 would be happy to help you at Buckeye! Email sent…

Team 1511 is headed to Washington, DC! We can cover you there! (E-mail on the way!)

I know that the St. Louis regional is somewhat small this year (number of teams), but we are hosting the Championships the next month. We’d be glad to help at either the regional or Championship level if needed.

Team 16 will cover Midwest. Email on the way.

Thanks for the offer in St. Louis. I’ll definitely be bringing bookmarks to the Championship and may very well enlist your help then. Appreciate it.


I’ve sent an email to our lead Mentor & would love to accommodate the request at the N/E Utilities CT Regional.

Glad to see the regional represented. In the unlikely event that the Aces get trumped, you might consider our team. I’m looking for diplomatic ways to get them out of the pits. :slight_smile: :smiley: :ahh:

Team 61 is going to the Boston Regional as the Scouting and Media Captain I can arrange something for you. If you are interested send an email to patrick at yubgo dot com

Team 48 would be happy to distribute these at Dorton Arena at the North Carolina Regional. It will give us a good excuse to visit other teams (and seek shelter from the blinding rising sun). :cool: Email sent.

Thank you all for volunteering so quickly. I’m almost there, only two regionals left that I need team help…

Silicon Valley
Minnesota 10000

If you know of a team who might be willing, please forward this post.



Hi there my team would like to help and we will be attending the Silicon Valley Regional. I will email you right now.