Free Picture creating software

I want to create basic pictures for my website layout.

Basically, I’m looking for a free program that can do gradients from one color to another. I wanted to see if there’s anything other than 30-day demos of Photoshop that I could use. What programs would you guys recommend?

I’ve had decent success with The GIMP (, although their site seems wonky at the moment) on Windows, and I’m currently liking an OS X port of it, known as Seashore. If you’ve got Tiger, you might also look at LiveQuartz Image Editor to see if it floats your boat better. All of the above are free.

I use the GIMP and it works great for the little i use it. It is free here and here (for windows) both site work fine. i just think that Billfred gave you the wrong link.

I’d suggest Draw, available for download here, Here’s a description It has a feature in which you can create your own custom gradients. You can create some 3d models, change the lighting on them etc. But it’s absolutely free, no trial period or such, and it can create gradients and has all the basic editing features. And in the end, if you don’t like it, you can always delete it. However, it sounds like it would be good for what you’re looking for. Also, you may want to look into some other programs in addition to this one, based on your specific needs. Just a suggestion. :slight_smile:

You can also use GIMPshop - it looks almost identical to Photoshop, but is available as a free download as well (Windows and OS X)

Irfanview is great for working with. Although it isn’t an all out image editor in its own right, I use it in conjunction with Photoshop and the GIMP. There is a plethora of plug-ins for it to do just about any filter, and, unlike GIMP, it has a very simple and intuitive interface. Besides that, for web purposes a good image optimizer is almost a necessity. I had one that I had on trial that worked well, but it is on a different computer in a different house, I’ll see if I can remember what it is.

EDIT: My optimizer was’s image optimizer tool.

Inkscape is a great vector graphics program. Once you’ve made the image, you can export it to PNG for the web. (it may go to more… not sure.) It comes with tutorials to help you get started if you’ve never done vector stuff.

Thanks for all your suggestions. I’ve spent a little time with all of the programs and I currently like GIMPshop, it works perfect for my needs right now. Unfortunately, my project is on hold because of Final Exams but I’ll have a lot of time over the summer.

Thanks again!