Free Private Repositories on GitHub for FIRST Teams

We love FIRST robotics and want to let you know that your teams are eligible to receive free private repositories on GitHub as part of our Education program.

You can request the discount (select “student organization”) here:

If there’s anything else we can do to help out, please get in touch with me directly: jdb at github dot com.

John Britton

Thank you so much. That is really cool of you guys.

This is really cool. We will be sure to utilize this offer.

We love GitHub! Thanks for your support of FIRST, great to see you here on Chief Delphi!

That’s fantastic! We’ve been looking into ways to use Git to manage LabVIEW projects with GitHub ( We actually paid for a private repo during build season, but it fell out of use. This will definitely help us the second time around!

I’ve sent in an email.

Thanks so much for bringing this to our attention.

Thanks GitHub! <3

Thanks github! We are planning on finally integrating a source control system into our development process this year. Maybe I will nab an Octocat sticker to put on our robot this year :slight_smile:

This is awesome :ahh: Thank you :smiley:

Just to pose a question, how many teams use Github as an organization account vs as a regular account? Does making our team account an organization introduce any new management difficulties we should be aware of? I ask only because our team’s GH account is still a ‘personal’ acocunt.

When you make an organization, you add individual users to your organization. Anyone in your organization can create repos and commit to repos. I would recommend you have your team working on the code get their own personal accounts and join your organization.

Thanks John / GitHub!

You’re welcome!

I’d really appreciate it if you’d help spread the word to other FIRST teams. I’d love to get in touch with some of the competition organizers so that they can make sure everyone knows about this.

I’d recommend you use an organization, it allows you to manage permissions for different members and you can easily pass control of the code on to new team members year after year.

We love robots, I’m sure the other GitHubbers would love to see what you build.

If you include a mailing address when you request your organization I’ll gladly send you some stickers.


This is awesome!!!

Thanks github!

This just made my day! Thanks so much GitHub

Thank you for making this available to teams.

Awesome news! I was hoping that such a solution would become available. I was looking for this when trying to write some tutorials, but had difficulty recommending a single host. This is definitely getting some higher priority now. Thanks guys.

Awesome! We have lots of good info up on and that you could easily steal and distill down to a nice tutorial.

I’m really excited to work with John to offer you all some resources this year. I did FIRST in varying capacities from 2002 until 2006 and then mentored a FLL team in 2010. So, I’ll be around to answer any Git, GitHub, web development, etc. questions any of you might have.

Looking forward to seeing any tutorials you produce! Drop me a message with a link if you get a chance. :slight_smile:

This is awesome! This is also good for FTC teams using RobotC. I wrote up a tutorial on Git for FTC on the official FTC forum (, so if anyone wants to read it, I bet it would be helpful for FRC teams, too.

Did you only write it for the command-line version? Have you also written one on something like TortoiseGIT?
I don’t know about CAD files, but LabVIEW files can be compared, just like text files. (You just need to use the compare app)

For those who aren’t familiar with Git/Github, here’s a really good introduction to the workflow