Free Private Repositories on GitHub for FIRST Teams

Hmm… Maybe I’m impatient, but I requested an account (free public) as described and noted in the comments that this is for an FRC team. I also emailed jdb. No response and my organization account (FRC2530) is still free/public.

Should my account get upgraded now, or have I not followed the correct process ?

Big thanks to GitHub for providing this for the teams. GitHub is a great model for this purpose, since it allow full source control capabilities while at competitions when you have no network connection.

Hm, I don’t see a ticket for you in our help system. Email me (jeremy@github) and I’ll take care of it! :slight_smile:

Fixed already! Thanks.

I just wanted to pop in here and say good luck to all the teams this year. The response to this thread has been amazing. I’ve seen and approved tons of requests from FIRST teams.

Sorry if there’s a little bit of lag time between the request and having the discount applied. I’ve automated as much of it as I can, but there’s still some manual review involved.

Thank you GitHub :slight_smile:

I wanted to vote for this thread to get a sticky, this is a great donation, I’d hate to see teams go unaware of the opportunity to use such a great tool.

We just finished up a brand new FIRSTocat design, check it out in the Octodex.

We’ve got these as die-cut stickers for teams using GitHub to stick on their bots (and human team members).

If you’d like some for your team send an email to with your shipping address and the number of people on your team.

Very nice… Thank you!

I emailed and Elizabeth responded saying these stickers were not available.