Free ROBOTC for all 2008 FIRST Robotics Teams!

Being a former FIRST competitior, and now as a regional Ref/Head-Ref, I wanted to let everyone know about the project I’ve been working on for almost 2 years. We just released the FRC version yesterday, and CMU is donating it away to all the 2008 FRC teams!

ROBOTC for IFI-FRC is available for use in the 2008 FIRST Robotics
Competition (FRC). ROBOTC for IFI-FRC is a C-based cross-platform
programming language developed at the Carnegie Mellon Robotics Academy
for use on the IFI-FRC controller.

ROBOTC for IFI-FRC has a C-based source code editor, compiler,
interactive debugger – a powerful programming language for high school
roboticists. PWM controllers, spike/relays and a number of digital and
analog sensors are also supported. CMUCam support, along with a custom
interface software for using the CMUCam with ROBOTC is also available!

The ROBOTC team will be providing support, along with sample code and
training videos over the FRC 2008 season to help teams program their
robots using ROBOTC for IFI-FRC. Make sure to check back to this site
frequently for news and updates!

All FRC teams who are registered for the 2008 season are eligible to
receive a free copy of ROBOTC for IFI-FRC. Visit for more details!