Free Service At 2005 Florida Regional

To all teams attending the 2005 Florida Regional in Orlando, at the University of Central Florida. Team Voltage 386 will be offering FREE electrical diagnostic services to all teams through it’s **Robo-Power **-386 Service.

**· FREE Battery Load Testing

· FREE Drive Efficiency Analysis

· FREE Robot Power Diagnostics **

We can come to you with our mobile cart, or you can come to us.

The heart of this service is the ***Robo-Power *** hardware and software chassis, its associated sensors and remote monitor and display software. When the current and voltage sensors are configured on a battery or robot and connected to the hardware chassis, the proprietary system hardware and software will monitor the sensors in real-time and send the results through 802.11 wireless radio transmission to a remote laptop running proprietary monitor and analysis software, for real-time display and storage of battery and robot voltages and currents.

For more information check out the service at:

Knowledge Is Power, Know Your Power . . . Robo-Power

Great idea…we will be sure to look you up when we get to practice rounds. Team 343 is excited about returning to Fla…good friends and good times. Frank

great idea, and service. you guys are truely living up to your team name (voltage)

Reminds me of 494’s Dyno. That was cool. Made me nervous though cause our drive train wasn’t the best that year (rookies).

yeah i agree…thanks for the offering of service…keep up the good work

Speaking of 494’s Dyno. . . Plans are in place for Team 386’s Robo-Power and 494’s Dynamo to collaborate at the 2005 Championship in Atlanta, and offer a “Robot Diagnostic Center” (RDC) to help teams better understand robot operation, -AND- to diagnose problems.

On this . . . more to come.