Free Shipping Labels/Stickers

Hey everyone,

This is Matt from Team 1378 in Hilo, Hawaii. Since it’s nearing the date of shipment for F.I.R.S.T. we need to contact FedEx in order to schedule a pickup on the 22nd. We know that we should’ve received free shipping labels but unfortunately we haven’t been able to find them after searching through everything. Are these stickers specific, or are they the same for all teams? If the answer is either, how would we go about getting a copy of these stickers, or getting free shipping, being that we don’t have the stickers at hand?

Thanks so much.


it should have come in your kit of parts. its a fedex flat-rate envelope. if you went through the required checklist at kickoff you must have it somewhere.

if you dont have it, i would contact FIRST. no garuntees though.

best of luck



Are you talking about the pro-number stickers? If so, I contacted FIRST because I thought we lost ours, but they said that Hawaii Teams should have received airbills (for teams going to mainland regional) and we don’t need the pro-stickers. If you need, I can always forward you the email.

Hope this helps.

Since Hilo High School is only attending the Hawaii Regional the Hawaii ROC will be taking care of shipping between the islands. I emailed Corrie and she told us to sand by for further emails as they are in the final stages of negotiating with FedEx on Robot shipping. there should be an FRChawaii Email going out shortly, or did go out.

Thank you all so much for your prompt responses.

It’s awesome that they’re taking care of our shipping fees.