Free shop equipment and materials in Watertown, MA

Team 2423, the KwarQs, are moving out of our lab space due to the reconstruction of Watertown High School. We’re down-sizing and looking to get rid of some equipment that has sat largely unused for the 4 seasons that I’ve been with the team. If any teams in the Greater Boston area are interested in the following equipment, please get in touch about arranging pickup. I’d love for any and all of this to go to other FIRST teams.

Table Saw

Metal Cutting Band Saw

Bench Top Drill Press

Assorted Motors

AM Tough Boxes


Rev 1inch Extrusion

Old Game Pieces

Aluminum Stock

Steel Cutting Chop Saw

Various Tables and Shelving

I forgot to take a photo, you get a duck instead :duck:


Wow, this is very generous considering there’s probably thousands of dollars of equipment and materials on this list. Makes me wish we were anywhere near MA, I know I’d love to get my hands on that aluminum stock for various projects if we were. :sob:

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Hey Travis 1153 would be glad to take some stuff off your hands


Hi! 2079 would love to take some stock and motors off your hands. Thank you so much!

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Mainly looking at the chop saw and aluminum stock


157 would love some of the aluminum stock

The aluminum stock is all claimed, but we are still looking for a home for the table saw, 80-20, Rev 1-Inch extrusion, tough boxes, and bench top drill press.

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We would be interested in the saw if it’s available. We would like to compensate in some manner if possible.