Free Steaks in the ATL.

Now, before you quickly report me, this is a legit post.

Team 1648 received an amazing opportunity to help with a steak tasting in Atlanta. So in return for organizing people and helping out with the event, we get some nice support.

As such, if you’re in the Atlanta area and want to taste test some free steaks, come on by. Just sign up at the following link:

  • Sunny G.


You would.

  • Sunny G.

Now that is certainly the neatest thing I’ve ever seen for a fundraiser. Lol

If I lived near Atlanta, I’d love to come! But I can’t get up and drive 750 miles just for some free stakes. :frowning:

This begs the question, what is the cost/benefit analysis of this situation? Is 500 miles ok? maybe 300? :smiley:

300, yes. But they’d be the best darn steaks I’ve ever tried! :smiley:

Yeah, one of the parents brought it in. The team is responsible for helping out with the event and bringing in people, so it’ll be a well deserved reward.

  • Sunny G.

Up here our team runs and operates a fireworks tent in collaboration with our baseball team. I’ve heard it brought in some decent revenue.

Can’t imagine its hard to attract people to eat free steak. Hope you fundraise a lot.