Free time anyone?

As the build season winds down to its final days, and the hours grow long with the rising and falling of the moon… the 2003 FIRST season will be put on pause until the mass unveiling takes place at each regional event.

If you are like me, you have spent the past six weeks designing, collaborating, debating, building and testing what will hopefully be a finished product called a robot. You would have invested time, which is money as well as sweat, blood and maybe tears. You would be happy in what you have accomplished, yet at the same time relieved you survived… so as we all watch the crates roll out of our hands and on to the FedEx trucks… what will you be thinking about doing with the 3-6 hours you have back in your day? :smiley:

Most likely someone on my team will change my calendars and computer dates back to make me beileive im still in build/animate time… this will most likely occur when i start wondering around the school wit nothing better to do otehr than ask them waht they’re doing…

I think i’ll fill up the 3-6 hours by sleeping, seeing i haven’t gotten much lately. Of course robotics isn’t totally over, there’s still deciding on what to hand out, uniforms, preparation for regionals, ect :slight_smile:

Free time away from Robotics…what is this thing you speak of?
My life is this team… even when I’m away from the team…it’s on my mind. Most likely I’ll be dreaming of robots in competition or something…if i ever get time to sleep between regular meetings and thinking of ways to make our team the loudest and proudest out there. ;o)

My original plan was to sleep during the 12+ hours I now have available, but that was quickly scrapped as RoboEmu once again exerted its dark powers of influence over my sleep-deprived brain. Thus, I’ve been working almost non-stop on it without any visible results so far. Curse you RoboEmu! Why did I ever have to write you? :confused: