Free Tools for Engineering

I saw a webcast from Solidworks that had some cool free tools used for Engineering.

  1. EDrawings
  2. DraftSight
  3. CCleaner Free
  4. CustomPart.Net
  5. Treehouse

Here’s the webcast

Fab Free Tools for Engineering


LOL, they consider CCleaner an Engineering tool? Yeah, it deletes unnecessary stuff from your computer, but it is hardly relevant.

FreeMat - much like Matlab
R - statistics processing
Blender - modeling, animation, video processing, compositing, simulations
Portable Apps - apps that can go with you (Most are available separately)
*Notepad++ portable superior text editor
*Dia portable diagramming, like small Visio
*Audacity portable Audio recording and editing
*Windirstat portable Windows Directory Status - where’d the disk space go?
*FreeMat portable - like Matlab
*Blender portable - as above
*Speedcrunch portable - great calculator
*Camstudio portable - screen and audio capture
*LibreCAD portable - Like autocad
*Inkscape portable - like Adobe Illustrator
*GIMP portable - like Adobe Photoshop
LTSpice circuit simulation from
Fritzing - Arduino development tool
EagleCAD - free for 2 layer small circuit board layout, like Arduinos
PTC Creo Elements/Direct Modeling Express -
CircuitLab - Circuit capture and simulation in browser
AutoIT - for many Windows programming needs
Processing - software useful for animated graphics generation, and more

I can vouch for DraftSight. We use it at work for all of our 2D drafting. It’s from Dassault, the makers of SolidWorks - it’s their shot at Autodesk, essentially offering a free AutoCAD to complement SolidWorks.

OpenOffice. Real engineering happens on a spreadsheet :slight_smile:

Keuffel & Esser - Real engineering happens on a sliderule.

Fixed it for you.:slight_smile:


ProjectLibre ProjectLibre: open source replacement of Microsoft Project. Gantt charts, resource availability, and more.









OpenRAVE Must I say more? These guys are awesome.

SED? Honestly, without cat, sed, awk, grep, and xargs I wouldn’t get my job done. I guess I could just say all of your usual *nix tools.

I’ll second R with the caveat of RStudio makes things a lot easier to learn. (It’s free)

HSM Express

An amazing math tool, Wolfram Alpha