FREE Tools

Hi Guys,

A FIRST KOP sponsor ( is giving away a free set of high end screw drivers for simply ‘Liking’ their facebook page.

You need to be 18 or older to do it, but if you are go for it!

Do this:

  1. Go Here

  2. Log in to your Facebook account

  3. Hit the ‘Like’ button (or go to the facebook page and do it)

  4. You should then see a form where you simply enter your e-mail address to enter.

That’s it!

Please pass along to everyone … They are trying to raise awareness that they now sell tools in addition to about 13,000 other products …

Repor… >.> ok, I’ll let this one slide

Darn It! 18 or older :frowning:
(crying) /notreally]

Valid to all U.S. res…


Not all! You have to be 18 or older (which most FRC students aren’t)

That seems to be “enter to win”, not “free”. (Or perhaps I’m misunderstanding why people are so excited about yet another promotional contest?)

Also, “Wera” brand screwdrivers sound an awful lot like “Wiha” brand screwdrivers (which are priced around the high end of the market). I wonder if they’re Wiha knockoffs?

I’ve heard lots of good things about Wera, I don’t believe they’re knockoffs. It’s a german brand though IIRC, which explains the name.

As an owner of Wera screwdriver, I must say that they are great, not a knockoff. although they are manufactured in the czech republic rather than germany, they still are nice.

They are an excellent brand, I have a High Voltage insulated set I use when working in a live, or potentialy live electrical box.:smiley:

But yes, this is an ‘enter to maybe win’, not a ‘get one free just for asking’ kind of thing.