Free Web-based Scouting App

Charge up your scouting with the 2338 Gear it Forward scouting app… GearScout!!!
Team 2338 is a historically successful team that competes in the midwest area. This year we are attending Midwest Regional and Seven Rivers Regional. Our team has created a scouting application that is free, easy to use, and available to all teams. GearScout is a fully web-based application meaning you don’t need to download or install anything to use the app. Our app is supported in multiple languages including but not limited to English, Spanish, and Turkish. If you or your team is interested in using our app, please send me a message and we can get everything set up ASAP! Here are a few images of GearScout’s interface:

Are there any pictures available of the analytics and how the data is used/stored?

Where can I access this?

Our team is hosting an unofficial week 0 event on February 25th. Here we will conduct beta testing on the app. Once we confirm everything on the app works I can send you pictures of the analytic side of the app.

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The app is run through the web and can be accessed from applications such as safari or google. It is run off of our website. If you and your team are interested in using our app please send me a message and I can help get everything sorted!

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