Free Webhosting Available

I thought I offer this again to anyone interested.

I am offering free web hosting to any US First Teams that do not have the means to get other hosting (from their school etc…)

The site I’m offering hosting is

The site you’ll get is a sub-domain of that, such as

I haven’t finished building the new domain yet, but if you’re interested have your main contact email me at


First off, thank you for making this amazing offer available! This will greatly benefit teams who can’t afford/don’t need full web hosting packages. Most importantly, this eliminates whatever excuse teams had to use freewebs… :p.

While my team has it’s hosting taken care of, I was wondering if this service is also extended to teams for use as a mirror of multimedia, or perhaps an entire site backup. While we have been doing alright with our current hosting, it would be nice to have a mirror for high quality videos or other multimedia for FIRST.

Thank you for your generosity,

I talked to my host, Endeavour network (aka, Venkatesh), and he says that while the primary server and the new he’s building don’t have the bandwidth for multimedia, the server Johns-Hopkins University (where he is studying) does.

He will talk to the appropriate powers-that-be and see if he can set up such a service.

I’m inclined to say no, not for mirroring. I’m really looking to fill the gap for teams that don’t have webhosting already. Sorry.