Freedom Chairs

A member of FRC3487, the Plainfield High EarthQuakers, is featured in an Indianapolis Star story, as well as on WTHR-13. With great members like this, it’s easy to see why 3487 was chosen as Rookie All-Stars for the 2011 Boilermaker Regional.

Very cool and inspirational story. A couple members of 461, including myself, went down to plainfield to help and give some materials to 3487 during build season, and i could tell from the start that they were a very good and hard-working team. Well-deserving of the All-star award.

The work involved in making another person’s life easier, bringing greater quality to it, is no small thing.

Not everyone finds the passion to make a difference in such a profound manner but when I hear of teams and members of teams that find it, I celebrate. The skills that can be discovered, developed, and encouraged on robotics teams can do many good things that help our communities.

Here in CD, we talk about that all the time and often, cynically, saying that teams and individuals are just working for the awards and the recognition. What we don’t spend much time talking about and exploring - is the passion that moves or directs a team or individual towards a goal of recognizing/identifying a need and doing something about it.

Thanks for the post, Taylor. This is awesome. Freedom Chairs is a beautiful name.


Watch for an announcement of the website - coming soon …

I was fortunate to work with the Plainfield “EarthQuakers” this past year and to witness Tim’s enthusiasm for this project from the beginning. He was our lead Mini-Bot designer, but every spare moment you could find him in the corner working on the wheelchair(s).

Congrats Tim! Keep up the good work!

Thanks for starting this thread Mike. See you at Cage Match!