Freeplay Music / 3D Animation

Will we be disqualified from the Autodesk 3D Animation award for using music from Freeplay Music? Their licensing rates are waaay up there, and last year I just included a copy of their license agreement (but we didn’t pay any fees).

What do you guys think?

Unfortunately, it would appear as if you are going against their license agreement:

(f) Non-broadcast Multimedia
(i) Live events
(ii) Power Point presentations
(iii) Trade shows/conventions

A signed, paid license is required for all of the above and must be completed prior to any of the above uses. Please contact [email protected] or [email protected] For an estimate of the licensing fee please see our see our rate cards at and contact us so we may issue a license. Please note that the rates on the card are provided as examples of possible fees, but are not meant as price quotes and are not binding upon FPM. All fees will be determined on a case by case basis.

On another note, have you noticed that the song that plays in the backround of all the FIRST game animations is from freeplay?