Freeware material weight calculator

Every wonder what a piece of material will weight before running out and buying it to weight it? Or which would be more heavy… heres a neat little gadget I found for doing just that without buying and weighing, and best of all it can keep track more than one part and give you an est total weight.
Best of all… IT’S FREE! :smiley:

ME Weights is designed to calculate the weight and volume of an object of a specific shape and size, and composed of a specific material. The shape can be selected from a group of twenty commonly used in manufacturing, industrial, commercial, and hobbyist activities. There’s a substantial built-in database of material densities (weight per specified volume), or you can input your own value.

The program can also keep track of the combined weight and volume of assemblies of shapes, whether defined as solid entities or as cavities. Assembly data can be viewed, printed, and saved.

There’s an html file included that explains how to use the program. It’s pretty easy.

download link:…

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ME Weights is a no-install type of program - just unzip and run.

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Very Nice Calculator!!!