Frequent Redeploys Cause CAN Motors to Disable

In case anyone finds that their robot random does not move motors, there is a known issue with CAN Talons that disable the controllers on frequent code deploys. The solution is to reboot the roboRIO or update the Phoenix Web Config and Eclipse Phoenix Plugins to the latest version or greater. We’ve seen quite a few Java teams have this issue and wanted to make it a bit more well known. Here’s the link to update.

Is it this issue?

Yes. Ourselves and a few other teams have gotten this error, and we just wanted to spread the word to make people aware.

We had one instance of this error in Israel; it happened to be a LabVIEW team. You should know that if you suspect this error happened during a match, alert your FTAs immediately. If they confirm that it was in fact this bug, on orders from Manchester that automatically qualifies you for a match replay*.

*or at least it did as of early Week 3