Frequently Asked Questions: LabVIEW and WPI libraries

(May also be called “Programming a robot with LabVIEW”.)

What questions are frequently asked?

Don’t worry about the answers; the plan is to make a page/document providing those in some form or another. I feel it is useful to make a list of the things to be answered before deciding on the medium to answer them in.

From my mechanical team

“Can you switch the motors to Victors/Jaguars?”

“Can you disable this?”

&%^% LabVIEW, why isnt this working?!?!?!”


I agree with the above… It’s always “^%^% Programming make it work”. The one big question I always get is “Is that possible in Labview?”.

Is that possible in Labview?

The short answer is yes. The more important issue is how. One of the best sources is the examples or the Help>>Find Examples tool. Also, google or search NI web site or the LV help documents.

A fallback is to ask here. What do you want LV to do for you today.
Greg McKaskle

Is that possible in Labview?

There are three longer answers that I find myself giving. One is “Yes, it’s a built-in function.” The more usual one is “Yes, and here’s one straightforward way to do it.”

The hard answer is “Yes, but you don’t want to do that.” When people coming from a procedural-programming mindset haven’t yet begun to realize the natural strengths of a dataflow language, they sometimes miss simple ways to achieve underlying goals while they focus on what they think is a reasonable implementation. Yes, LabVIEW can do that, but it’s sometimes simpler and faster to do something else that gives the same result.