Fresh From the MMR

Hey all-

Just got back from the Motorola Midwest regional, and boy was it a blast!!! After having some troubles in our first 2 Qualifying matches we were on a roll, winning the next 7 in a row and moving up to the 2nd seed at one time. The Eliminations were great, we almost had Beatty!!! Thanks to our alliance partners teams 93 and 201. And thanks to all that helped us in the Qualifiyling rounds, it was a great time and we hope to see you all at nationals!!

You guys had a great bot and were a pleasure to work with on strategy. We had our best round with you :slight_smile:

Thanks for bringing such a great piece of machinery to the competition and making it exciting. You gave Beatty a huge scare in the semi’s and had a good shot at beating them. Congradulations on your performance the past 2 days, on seeding so well, and on your award. I hope see your team next year in IL.


Hey Mike and the entire WildStang team-

Thanks to you guys as well, that match on Friday was a huge way to end the day. Congrats on making it to the finals and having a great bot for the last 2 days. Also, thanks for the “Best Alliance Partner” award, we were great together.