Fresno solenoid....

Can someone describe how to assemble the fresno solenoid? I went by the pictures in the pneumatic manual, but i want to make sure i did it right… Also, one the smc valves supplied this year, there were 2 gaskets, both the same shape, but one was much thicker, almost oringish(if thats a word) and the other flat, i placed the flat one, i can see where they both appear to go, however the larger one doesnt seem like it works right, its too thick… any ideas?


Try spelling it correctly (Festo), and searching, and I bet you’ll come up with all the info you need.:wink:

The SMC gasket with the small protruberences fits nicely in the holes in the manifold and/or the valve body, so they don’t slide off onto the floor.

The Festo valve should work if you’ve wired just the “plug” part correctly. Connect the wired plug to the valve, and check with an ohmeter for continuity from the wires through the coil. There are only three connections available, and one the non parallel blade, is a “ground”. If you don’t like the little pilot lights, don’t use 'em: the valve operates the same, either way.

The SMC solenoid comes with 2 gaskets. The O-Ring-ish one fits snugly in both the top and bottom pieces of the solenoid. This will be your best bet to prevent leaks. The flat one will work, but is not advantageous. Don’t use both, you almost definitly will have a leak.

As for the Festo valve, I’m not sure what you need to assemble, they came pre-assembled. Or do you mean how do you connect the tubes for the flow of air?

If I remember correctly, the solenoid’s are labeled:

|       |

When unpowered, air will flow from 1 -> 3, and 4 -> 5(exhaust).
When Powered, air will flow from 1 -> 4, and from 3 -> 2(exhaust).
The unused number in the above states are plugged from air flow.

Ports 2 and 5 do not have a fitting, nor do they need one. If you are able to force one in there will be a leak and there will be damage to either the solenoid or the fitting. You can not order additional fittings that thread with the Festo solenoid nor are additional fittings in the kit.

Make sure 1 is where the Pressure is coming from. Or you won’t have happy results.