Friarbots #1168

Any thoughts?

~webmaster dan

I’m don’t like your intro page at all.
The logo is cool, but all the sponsors and FIRST logo make it look cluttered. I also don’t think that you need to have the scrolling text along the bottom announcing the shipment date being pushed back.

However, I like the countdown timer. :slight_smile:

Hi Jon,

Actually, the logo of which you spoke is just one huge link to our site. It’s not actually full of links to those respective sponsors (those links are on the sponsors page of our site). We used the big JPG with our sponsors on it because that is our official team logo, so it made sense in context.

Also, I’m not sure if you asked this or not, but we created the entire site in good old fashioned Notepad.

On a final note, what did you think about our actual site? All you commented on was the intro page which isn’t terrifically crucial in the long run.

Captain Dan

looks good. but i see his point it isnt obvious to click the logo to continue on :slight_smile:

True, but there is a “Click to Enter the Malvern Robotics Site” link right below that.

I don’t like the check/register email acct links at the top, however I can’t really think of a nother place to put them.

Also, I like that you’re putting your links on the top, but is there a way you can make them smaller and fit on 1 row or 2 even rows?

Note: It loads fast. That’s a plus.

Well… Your intro page has too much info in it. It should just be straight forward with like your team logo or a flash animation. The schedule (and maybe sponsors) should probably be in your main site…

As for the main site, i do have a few suggestions… For one, the graphics used seem to be quite choppy (may I recommend using an application other than MS Paint?) Additionally, may i suggest that you manage content from different users in a database (I’m sure your server supports some MySQL database, since it supports PHP). This would make it easier for your users to post, and would keep the fonts used totally consistent.

I would also have used a different style, but that’s really up to you…

Your site does have a nice amount of content, and it looks like you’ve already taken the time to build some useful PHP applications (like your image gallery). So good job for that!

Anyone have any comments about the actual content of the site?

Well, I think it’s awesome and the best thing ever. But I’m biased. :wink: