Fried Cam?

Anyone else have a fried cam. We fed it 5v from the analog port on the processor. The mount was not touching the cam. Yet a piece on the cam gets very hot, and the cam looks like it’s now fried. Any comments? Suggestions? Please guys, what went wrong?

Are you sure you didn’t hook up power backwards? It is very easy to do. :smiley:

I found out the hard way that a very unfriendly place for shorts is underneath the serial port. Our camera motherboard actually started smoking from underneath there. Make sure you don’t have any shorts… :ahh:

Umm, it looks like one of our ICs is fried, completely dead. The power cannot be attached the wrong way, I always put the black where the little B is. And even if it was, that wouldn’t cause a really big problem, the camera would just not work. It shouldn’t get so hot as to burn someone (like me!). I was only feeding it 5V. I contacted IFI, the short was right underneath the lens part of the camera on an IC, but the other heat up quickly as well. Comments or anything? It’s very much appreciated guys!

The camera does not have reverse polarity protection, the thing actually glows red-hot when hooked up backwards! :ahh:

I only mentioned it because it is a common problem. :slight_smile:

Don’t think it was hooked up backwards, unless the battery was, but that doesn’t make sense, because then the camera just wouldn’t work. The camera’s light was on for a bit until it got too hot and things fried. I seriously doubt that’s not the problem, lol and I hope it’s not because I’d feel like an idiot.