fried light

competition light is fried where can we get a new one i can’t figure it out

Try this:

Still confused i don’t see it

the 12" dual green ones are what you want

no i mean the orange one for the robot night for the rack light

Do you mean the green light on top of the rack or the diagnostic orange light?

diagnostic orange light

If your competition diagnostic light is out, You can probably pick one up from FIRST parts at your regional. Those things will light if connected directly to a 12V battery. Chances are you have a wiring issue or a bad relay. Some teams were shipped an incorrect model number on the DIN relay. Check the Team updates for details.

If the green cathodes are out, it doesn’t really matter anymore since ship date has passed. Put down the tools and take a breather (IN…OUT…IN…OUT):smiley:

I believe he means this one :wink:

They are featured on THIS page, but are un-available for online purchase.

You can check Rockwell Automation’s Fresno distributer here:

Allied Electric Motor Serv Inc
Contact: Mark Saldivar
4690 E Jensen Ave
Fresno, CA 93725
Phone: 559-486-4222
Fax: 559-486-1952

He should be able to get one for you…