Friends in FRC


I am new to Chief Delphi and to FIRST, but I think that it is time to find new friends within FIRST, but more speciffically in FRC. I have made a few FRC friends this season, but I would like some more! If you are interested in finding new friends, or would like to be friends with me, here would be the place to reply. I am interested in new friends from any team, so PM me if you’re interested! Happy friend-making!

Have you tried the FRC discord?

I see lots of friend making in the pits at regionals. If you’re on the scouting crew, one way to meet lots of people is to be the one who goes pit-to-pit collecting data on the robots and drive team.

I know I know, shameless plugs are bad buuutttttt if you wanna meet other people in FRC and other FIRST programs you should join the FRC Discord! The code to join is

Hope to see you there!

Most if the people I’ve met in my area are through volunteering at multiple events. You’ll get to know people after seeing the same faces for awhile :slight_smile:

Volunteering at events and going through the pits and collecting scouting data are good things. Collecting scouting data in the pits is beneficial for two reasons: (1) it helps your team with early scouting and (2) it’s a great way to meet people. Also the FRC discord ( is a great way to meet people from all over the community.

One way I found myself making a lot of friends was scheduling outreach events with local teams. You get to demonstrate what you love to the community as well as make friends with some locals!

I have to also recommend volunteering, if you are high school aged field reset is the place to be.

When I was a student i would always talk to these people in the pit, in the stands. but i was always too involved with my team to actually learn their names. As a volunteer, you have more time to get to know them personally.