Friends with Robots Kickoff Special

Hey Friends with Robots!

Let’s have some fun!

Please join me and many friends in the FIRST community to the Friends with Robots Kickoff Special. This livestreamed event will take place on Saturday, January 2nd (time to be determined). We will be on Twitch, so that will add another layer of fun.

Consider this a casting call. This is your chance to be creative and show off your wonderful talents. You can put together a skit, tell historic FIRST stories, or share another talent that your fellow FIRSTers may enjoy.

Click here to sign up!

Andy B.


How much time are you expecting each individual entry to last?

We are planning on having each entry be about 5-10 minutes in length, although some entries may be comprised of multiple individuals in which case we would only require a couple of minutes per person. The current plan is to have a mix of live entries as well as prerecorded ones, so you can still participate even if you are unavailable January 2nd!

A few days ago, I had a fun time recording a Shark Tank skit along with fellow Championship WFAs Kyle Hughes, Paul Copioli and Dr. Earl Scime. This skit will air along with many other during this live Twitch show on January 2nd. Here’s an updated graphic:

Kudos to all of the folks who are putting in a lot of work to make this event fun and memorable!

Andy B.


I had an awesome time recording with @Andy_Baker, @Paul_Copioli, Kyle Hughs and Dr. Earl Schimes! I can wait to see the stream!

This line up is certainly fantastic! Be there or be an equal sided 90 degree quadrilateral.

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any links to watch this afterward?

For the two people who asked:

“Go Home, Get Some Sleep” (Dream A Little Dream of Me) on soundcloud.
Lyrics posted there.
Used this ukulele chord progression.


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